Written by on 20 April 2020

As of 22/04/2020 all audio artworks sold on the Atomic Stream.Space will automatically apply a benchmark pricing point of $2.50. This move reflects our belief in the inherent value of the artistic creations retailed on our site. The move will also ensure coverage of the transaction costs associated with selling items through PayPal settlements.

Previously to this change, artists were able to set any price on the sale of their work’s through our online sales platform and streaming service. Following this change, artists will be able to set any price on their tracks above the minimum benchmark price of $2.50. For all sales on the Atomic Stream.Space artists will continue to receive 50 charting cycle points towards the weekly music charts countdown. Free downloads do not accrue cycle points, and each time a track is streamed on the Atomic Stream.Space it will continue to accrue 1 chart cycle point.

Factored into the decision to make $2.50 a minimum benchmark are the various transactions fee’s incurred in the process of bank transfers. These fee’s are ordinarily 30 cents per transactions plus a percentage surcharge of 2%. These fee’s are deducted from the Atomic publishing commission and do not affect the income of artists. Setting this minimum benchmark of $2.50 will ensure that Atomic does not incur a loss on the sale of artworks into the future.

We look forward to continuing to cultivate a culture that places value on the creative work of people!

Should artists also wish to maintain a nil price (effectively sharing their music for free) this is allowed, but downloads of these tracks will not factor into the charting cycle. The terms of this arrangement, including the ‘publishing’ commission retained by Atomic on all sales is detailed in our Product Disclosure Statement.

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