Where Oh Where Is Tash?

Written by on 18 September 2020

We haven’t heard from Tash Fenton in quite some time, so I had to get in touch with her to see what she has been up to!

The last time we heard music from Tash was when she released her debut EP back in November 2019. ‘Love Me A Lie’ is on all streaming platforms including the Atomic Stream Space – check it out!

Since then, Tash has been studying full time to be a secondary science teacher and also working at a local cafe. Tash also collaborated with Godspeed Brotherman on one of their songs ‘Landscapes’ which she said was really fun. Since COVID has put a stop on all live gigs, Tash really took the time to explore different music styles and experiment a bit.

Although Tash has been able to do some live shows on her social media pages COVID has really knocked her around. “The online shows are so different to the live atmosphere, no live music or gigs has been really rough”. We feel you on that Tash, we’re itching to have gigs back up and going!

Tash has been working on some new tunes but has found it difficult during COVID as there’s not a lot of content to write about. She has a bundle of half-finished songs she’s sitting on but her most recent song has seemed promising. “I’m super critical of my songs sometimes, but I really like where this new one is going”. Tash shared it on her Instagram and got some positive feedback.

Tash has been playing music for a fair while, her dad bought her a keyboard before she was even born! She had her first gig at Retro when she was 13 and it’s all been uphill from there. Tash mainly plays keyboard/piano but dabbles in a bit of acoustic guitar here and there.

Tash’s last gig was 9 months ago all the way back in January, so she’s so keen to get back into gigging once everything settles down. Hopefully, we can have Tash back gigging again soon because she did tell me that there is something in the works regarding new music!

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