Atomic Hands Over Platform to Artists!

Written by on 22 October 2020

In one of the most ground-breaking announcements in the history of the project, Atomic is changing the way it prioritizes content, giving space on its platform over to Independent Australian artists. In a bold move accelerated by a recent audience survey, the decision will give more power to artists to decide which news, new music and video releases will air on its social media and websites.

Over time, one of leading gripes of many artists and fans of the platform primarily concerned, who was being promoted by Atomic and how much airtime was being given to associates of the platform operators. For many niche, far-away or unaffiliated artists doing it tough, trying to reach out and establish an equal share of the content feed seemed unfair or discriminatory on the part of the sharing platform.

Like some macabre Murdoch masthead it always seemed that ‘this artist’ or ‘that artist’ could command an entire weeks’ worth of news reels, with far more favouritism being doled out to some characters whilst disregarding up to dozens of other deserving artists at any point in time. On an indie platform with scarce resources and limited time to reach out to and discover artists, just what kind of a solution could be suggested to solve this problem?

Enter the Atomic Arsenal. The final result of a month’s long survey of the opinions of artists. Now with the introduction of a new 3-tier system, any artist can make use of a media slot through the Atomic magazine, radio and streaming channels.

Custom designed to meet the needs and budgets of 80% of all music releases, there’s a reason we deemed the Arsenal an ‘essential part of the musicians tool-kit’. The Arsenal addresses every frustration identified by artists to deliver a smooth and fair pathway to radio air-time, online platform content and digital distribution of media releases.

Of course, there are still always a number of free methods that artists can use to promote through Atomic. Including; free uploads to our Stream Space, guaranteed radio time for every upload on Atomic Radio, guaranteed national airplay for the top-20 most popular tracks on our platform. But most muso’s desire greater access to professional know-how and want to avoid the stress and uncertainty involved in marketing themselves. We believe in taking up that mantle so that artists can focus on the real work of making their music sound fabulous.

So you can become the next Toby Mobbs, Chris Miller or Miss Mikaila!

Check out all the finer details here.

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