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This Summer, all across the wide brown land, the Atomic music charts will be reaching the ears of new listeners. x4 new FM stations have partnered with Atomic to deliver the Top Twenty charting artists, being heard for the first time in QLD, WA and Sydney. Sweeping across Flinders Bay in WA’s Southwestern-most tip, local […]

We all know that musicians are a bulwark of personal enjoyment. The festive season drives home this point more so than any other time of the year. Who can’t relate to slapping in your EarPods to your favourite song whilst drowning out the sound of that severely over-played Christmas jingle as you walk through the […]

Everyone wants to delve into the mind of Asha Bright, the outstanding artist who successfully featured in both the top 1 and 2 most popular songs on the entire Atomic platform this year. For our loyal supporters we dug deep to ask the questions you want to know from this established superstar. Be sure to […]

It’s December. The Atomic Hundred has just concluded and the sixth most popular song on Atomic this year was Mariah K’s “Take It Slow”. You’d think Mariah might be kicking back right now, settling in to take a break and enjoy a nice December holiday. But you’d be wrong. Mariah K is getting stuck in […]

Isy is on a tear once again! Cappo, a Southern Tablelands based artist, is collaborating with U.S. rapper Big Semaj and American-based Hip Hop producer East Artifice to drop a new hot track titled, “Enough”. Isy’s new single, “Enough”, deals with love and adult themes such as drug abuse. Isy injects the track with her […]

After an envious performance in the Atomic Hundred this year, Country/ Folk/ Bluegrass and most importantly, Rock artist, Deep em (DPM) is closing off 2021 with a bang and the release of a new single, “Ah-Ha!” Long-time Atomic listeners will remember DPM from his 2020 single release titled ‘Expand’. The shock waves gave birth to […]

Much of our weekly commentary hinges on what’s happening at the very top of the charts. What cannot be overstated, however, is the quality of talent that often lurks just below the top 5 tunes every week. Competition has become incredibly fierce for top spots towards the end of the year. As such, many would […]

The one hundred most radio-active tunes from across the Atomic network returns this year on a familiar date, the first week of November. Touted as a celebration of regional Australian, independent artists, the programming will be broadcast to 15 FM stations across Australia for five consecutive weeks. Starting from November the 2nd, the first twenty […]

We caught up with award-winning, number one charting artist: Josef Bruckmann from Desertlife, to bring some brand new Exclusive content to our Patreon supporters. What has been the impact of the success of “I Like The Beatles” on you? Well, for a start it’s been really surprising and reassuring how local music can be so […]

An astonishing number of Nuclear Awards have been earned this year, a testament to the grit, skill, talent and craftmanship of these independent artists. Atomic Nuclear Awards recognize songs which have demonstrated a level of success through the platform. A standard of care is imparted to ensure that both our charting system and award certification […]

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