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We’ve recently been celebrating the broadcast of the 100 most radio-active songs across the Atomic radio network this year. From Coonamble to Geelong, we broadcast an epic torrent of Australian music for 52 weeks in the year. At this time however there has been a timid pause amongst the music community. Where will Australian music […]

Up and coming Gold Coast artist Ms. Elly joined Josh G for a chat on Atomic radio this month to discuss her artistry, her cross-genre music and the life experiences that have impacted upon her journey through music and that mould the nature of her relationship with her fans. Josh G: Ms. Elly how are […]

Day Trippers joined our host Josh G to talk about the Trippers their latest self-titled album and where they see themselves poppin’ on the scene over the coming year. Josh G: Welcome back to Atomic Radio Australia, broadcasting all across the Atomic radio network. Hey, I’m joined here by the Day Trippers, another Josh, I […]

For those of you who didn’t make it out to Beer Deluxe in Albury tonight…. You missed out on seeing three ‘Number 1 Atomic’ Female Artists put on a near, sold out show that will not soon be forgotten! `IVA walked on stage ‘looking funky AF’ (Mel’s Words) with recent knowledge of her debut track […]

James (Jimmy) Worth and Daniel (Dan) Caulfield joined Melanie Naismith in the studio to discuss bringing live music back to the regions through the Great Southern Nights sponsored Friday Night Live event on 27th of November. Mel: So Dan, you’re Micro Cuts and this will be your first gig? Dan: This will be our first […]

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