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We haven’t heard from Tash Fenton in quite some time, so I had to get in touch with her to see what she has been up to! The last time we heard music from Tash was when she released her debut EP back in November 2019. ‘Love Me A Lie’ is on all streaming platforms […]

Albury/Wodonga area-based artist, `IVA is absolutely no stranger to music. Having grown up singing and playing guitar from the age of 4, `IVA has gone from year to year, playing events big and small around the region to some pretty impressive sized audiences! Well known for her live performances and incredible voice, `IVA has taken […]

Atomic office was torn up by it’s staff today! Check out the video of the carnage!

Last month I had a brain tweak. It gave me an idea that seemed funny in my head and that I thought at the very least might make a few others smile, maybe even laugh.  I feed off and am a sucker for making people happy. A smile costs nothing but is infectious. Some of […]

Danny Phegan – a local country singer-songwriter who has been gigging for 28 years. Mel and I had the pleasure of having a chat to Danny over the phone this week and all I can say is there were a lot of laughs and stories shared! We had to ask the obvious question about what […]

If you haven’t been wedged under a prehistoric rock, you should know about H.D.M. a.k.a. Human Dinosaur Machine. And if you didn’t until now, you’re welcome. Human Dinosaur Machine is my new favourite band and it’s not just because they have a cool name, although that helps in the same way it’s easier to barrack […]

Christie Allen (born June Allen) was born in the United Kingdom in 1954 and in 1965, she made her way to Australia with her family to settle in Perth. Christie and her brothers formed a band called Pendulum and she was made the lead singer of the band. An accomplished producer and songwriter, Terry Britten […]

Between 1983 and 1989, Pseudo Echo released three studio albums, one compliation album and thirteen singles in their first stint as an active band. The band was formed in 1982 with Brian Canham taking on vocals, guitars, and keyboards with Pierre Gigliotti (aka Pierre Pierre) on bass and keyboards. The duo were joined by Tony […]

The Gloom in The Corner have been asking their fans at their website – “WHERE DO YOU STAND? – referring to their warring factions featured in their Gloom saga – The Sect, The Holy Order and a mysterious character called Echo 6 (It’s entirely possible that Echo 6 himself is the person leaking these songs). An overwhelming number of people have flocked […]

Back to the country with some ripe licks, Dan Henwood is the culmination of 6 strings, a bit of wood and a fella hailing from the backroads of Wangaratta Victoria. Dan Henwood is a country artist quickly finding his place amongst the Australian country music scene with two stints at the CMAA Junior Academy and […]

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