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The Atomic Hundred

The Hundred most radioactive singles from all across the Atomic music network, will be going to air in our annual Atomic Hundred! Tune in from anywhere via, or alternatively ask Alexa, or your Google Smart Speaker; “Ask my Tuner radio to play Atomic Radio Australia”. The first program broadcasts on November 18th at 7.00pm […]

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Toby Mobbs' "Placid In The Rough," becomes the first fully-Uranium Certified album, with all eight songs off the album achieving Uranium status individually! atomicmusicaus photo
Bette Foord enjoys an birthday surprise!
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Brace yourself for some slick new Menu changes rolling out on Atomic TONIGHT.

Listen to your favourite tunes, and fall in love with the new and improved platform menu 👽
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Drops this Saturday!!

Atomic's Max B interviews current No. 1 charter, Bette Foord!
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Wollongong Artists’ Pull Big Stunts

Odd couple Matty and Racey from ‘Stunts’ pulled of a gigantic stunt in November. Leapfrogging of the independent music chart success of their EP ‘Housework’ in October, their single “See Me” is now trending. The pair make up the lead duo of an eclectic trio that is ‘Stunts’. Hailing from Wollongong, they’ve joined fellow compatriot […]

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Anna Leeworthy – Never Have I Ever

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022. #indier #blues pop #Pop #poprnb #altpop Leap frogging off the recent success of her [MTV approved] Radium Certified single, “Name Pop Up”; brings this new alternative blues pop charter. Never Have I Ever invokes sweet memories of the Uni drinking game. Never have I ever heard a song so well suited […]


Toby Mobbs – The Story So Far

Uranium Certified on the 7th May. Plutonium Certified on the 15th April. Radium Certified on the 11th April. For the connections not requiring stories of epic adventure and tales to maintain. For the connections where excitement lies in the interaction itself. For these interactions created and existing solely between two people, untold to the rest. […]


Mariah K – Take It Slow

Plutonium Certified on the 5th October, 2021 Radium Certified on the 17th August, 2021 #Pop #New #music #singer songwriter #localartist #Australian Artist #2021 music #tune #vibes #Groovy #dance #easylistening Take It Slow is the new single release from Crookwell, NSW based singer-songwriter, 24 year old Mariah K. It’s an irresistibly catchy pop song building on […]


Speed Dial – Just What I Want

Radium Certified on the 9th September, 2022. #Pop #indie #uplifting #Energetic Get prepared to turn up the volume Dial at the Speed that will be Just What you Want to do.. This Bowral-based septet radiates with all the fun and enthusiasm of an astoundingly talented youth outfit. Just What I Want is an astounding ode to young love […]

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