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Isy Cappo Has No More Patience for the Haters

Isy Cappo, the Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, is back with a bang, and she’s not taking “No More” for an answer.  With her latest single, “No More”, now available for streaming on Atomic Music, Isy is ready to embark on a new phase of her career, filled with bold statements and a powerful voice. After a […]


Has Darren Jaynoy Found Someone To Sing To?

Darren Jaynoy, the musical virtuoso from Tumut, NSW, has once again captivated audiences with his latest release, “Who Will I Sing To.” The song, available for streaming on Atomic Music, delves deep into the intricacies of human emotions, echoing Jaynoy’s signature blend of introspection and melody. Darren Jaynoy isn’t just another artist; he’s a storyteller, […]


Atomic Launches Music Publishing Service

Atomic Music has announced the release of a new music publishing service to help Australian based artists and musicians showcase their music to a wider audience. The service represents the latest in a line of tailored options that carry artists from creative concept, through to a published campaign. The publishing service will allow artists to […]


Bringing Australian Music To Your Fingertips

Are you interested in discovering local music, live gigs and thriving music communities happening near you? Read on.. For years, Atomic has been helping Australian songwriters and musicians showcase music to their local community. Enabling people from all across Australia to discover the hidden talent lurking next door. Our Top Twenty music chart, which airs […]



The Atomic 100 of 2024 first aired in January on Atomic Radio, filled to the brim with incredible independent Australian talent. Capturing the highest ever digital station listener count. It has since been rebroadcast to 21 radio stations all over the country. The official number one song of the year was No Feels by Wollongong […]

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    Atomic thank you so much for your continued support for a platform for us indie artists. Without you it would be a real struggle. I hope I speak for everyone in the top 20 and other artists this year that we are grateful for your contribution. Thank you so much happy new year to you and roll on 2024!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Sonic Keys Music Avatar Sonic Keys Music
    6 January 2024

    We are a fairly new member to Atomic. Really enjoy the format and the interaction with fellow Aussie original artists on their page. I don’t have to tell people how tough it is to get your music heard. But Atomic helps immensely offering a such a different profile and radio listeners. We will definitely be adding all our upcoming releases with Atomic

    Bohemian Rogue Avatar Bohemian Rogue
    3 October 2023

    As a recording artist starting out, I tried many other platforms to get my music noticed (and validated for me personally), really just to give me the confidence to keep going. I poured my heart and soul into writing, recording, producing and then promotion of my music only to find most platforms promised the world, but didn't deliver... Atomic was the only platform that I saw support from,... read more

    Gillson Avatar Gillson
    30 September 2023

    So supportive of Indie Aussie Artists. Love it so much. I'm so thankful for all their support x

    Bette Foord Music Avatar Bette Foord Music
    16 December 2022

    Really enjoying the platform, I came across it recently when i was in the car listening to the radio and the countdown show was on. I thought there was something organic and refreshing about it and loved how there is a focus on regional. Great work guys the interface landing page is really trendy and feels exciting, with lots of cool emerging artists and undiscovered talent!

    The Florin Arc Avatar The Florin Arc
    10 November 2022

    I’ve been sharing my music on the Atomic platform now for about 3 years and could not recommend these guys higher. They have allowed my music the opportunity to be played through a variety of radio station via their countdown which I have not yet been lucky enough to have elsewhere. They always reply promptly to messages when I have any questions and are extremely supportive with... read more

    Hogie B Avatar Hogie B
    7 November 2022

    Highly recommend Atomic! They have supported us from the start and we are so honored to be a part of the family 🙏🏻 Thank you all so much for the continued support ❤️ Cant wait for an AtomicFest 😜

    Only At The Movies Avatar Only At The Movies
    28 October 2022

    Amazing for small artists with big dreams. Huge supports of the local scene

    Goon Gremlins Avatar Goon Gremlins
    28 October 2022

    The best platform to have your music heard and matter. This is a big deal for any artist/band especially emerging artist/band getting their name out there. A big thumbs up to Atomic and what they do. Big love ❤️ Dean Lucas

    Dean Lucas Avatar Dean Lucas
    6 October 2022

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