Getting your music onto Atomic is relatively simple. All you need to do is go onto Atomic, create your artist/band profile and upload your tunes! Simple as that, if you are having issues though we have created a walk-through video to help!

Click here to check it out!

Every artist who uploads their music is put into the daily radio rotation on Atomic Digital Radio and guaranteed airplay! You can tune in by clicking the link on the top right of this website at any time!

OR download the MyTunerRadio app on your smartphone and look up “Atomic Radio Australia”

The composition of our charts are influenced by interactions carried out by users of tracks/works posted on Atomic by an artist. These interactions include sharing of links to songs, streaming directly from Atomic and other locations (article embeds), purchasing and downloading of tracks on the platform, as-well as basic interactions such as internal re-posting, liking and commenting.

Each interaction with a chart is recorded to a database based on the weight of the individual action. Each action carries a number of “Chart Points” and when carried out, will be applied to the points tally.


1 Chart Point – Streaming a single track

50 Chart Points – Purchasing and downloading a track

5 Chart Points – Re-posting a track to your profile

5 Chart Points – Liking a track

5 Chart Point – Commenting on a track

Each interaction can only be carried out ONCE per user, per 24 hour period with some interactions only able to be carried out once per lifetime of the user account (i.e. purchase and download will only count once).

There is a lifetime on each Chart Point applied for the Atomic Top Twenty weekly charts. Each individual point expires after 21 days from the time it was applied to the track so over time, you will drop back down the charts naturally.

Each Chart Point will be tallied at the end of the year for the Atomic Hundred show highlighting the highest Chart Points for that year. It will only tally the points from the previous 365 days from the date of database draw (roughly October 15th).

In regards to tallying Chart Points for a Nuclear Awards (Radium, Plutonium, Uranium), there is no expiry. So if you tally points over 15 years and you hit the threshold for a Nuclear Award, you will be eligible for your very own shiny plaque outlining the success of your track on the Atomic Network!

Our servers take logs of all interactions on Atomic and regularly run scripts to check the data logged for multiple and repeat patterns. If something seems suspicious, it is flagged, and a member of our team will launch an investigation with our IT team to cross-check data for validity.

The most common thing we saw in the past was users creating multiple accounts with false information, then purchasing their own track repeatedly in order to take advantage from the high Chart Point tally that comes with this method. We are able to cross-check the merchant details including the card user’s name with the account associated with the purchase on Atomic.

If it is deemed fraudulent, we reserve the right not to apply the chart points to the track and notify the artist of the action.

1 – Spotlight rural and regional independent music in Australia

2 – Act from a place of honesty and integrity in all actions

3 – Be a brand that our community can stand behind and be proud of in its association

4 – Cultivate engagement and interaction with members of the wider music industry.

5 – Encourage artists to take initiative into supporting themselves and their craft

Every time we make a change in the company or take a direction shift, we ensure it lines up with these values before proceeding. We feel this an extremely important step in ensuring what we do for artists supports the artist in the best way we know.

“The Nuclear” awards are the most prestigious awards that an artist involved in the Atomic Music Network can achieve. 

They are awarded to songs that have achieved a certain amount of Chart Points (CP) in its lifetime. The Atomic Nuclear award system is essentially our very own version of “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum” singles but with a little bit of our own twist to them.

Artist’s tracks can become eligible for an Atomic Nuclear award after passing certain milestones dictated by chart points (CP) which are awarded based on engagement on our platform. There are 3 tiers of Nuclear Awards. 

Radium – Awarded for a track which has earned 500 CP’s in its lifetime.

Plutonium – Awarded for a track which has earned 2500 CP’s in its lifetime.

Uranium – Awarded for a track which has earned 5000 CP’s in its lifetime.

Once a track is eligible for a Nuclear Award, we will contact them directly to congratulate them on their award. 

The eligible artist is then able to purchase a unique, hand-assembled physical award celebrating their success.

If you’ve lost your link the award order form can be found, here.


Once you have sold a minimum of $10 in music on Atomic you can request your royalties via “your store” in the Artist Dashboard. 

We have created a walkthrough video to take you step-by-step through the process which can be found, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWkfnxNqynM&list=PL8cLxHv_Ytf5AerEwhB1dsvdWUkeVGmuj&index=4. 

 “Rural and Regional” is defined as any area outside of any Capital City metropolitan area as defined by The Australia Government’s RRMA locator which can be found here.

Of Course!! 

Any Australian artist is more than welcome to join our music network. We strongly believe that Rural and Regional Australia is grossly under-represented in the Australian Music Industry and thus will be given priority in regards to social media campaigns and promotional opportunities.

In saying that, we aren’t discounting you completely. You will still gain airplay on Atomic Radio Australia.

Atomic takes exactly 14% of the revenue made on every sale made on the platform. The majority of these costs charged to you for using Atomic are to cover the cost we incur from the 3rd party Merchant fee (Paypal). 

For more information on how we handle your music sales and royalties, check out our Terms and Conditions of Service document.

The $2.89 Minimum was put in place to ensure the merchant fee did not exceed the revenue awarded to the artist. We also encourage artists to value themselves and their art and want them to see the most money possible for their works.

As mentioned above, Atomic as a whole strongly encourages artists to value themselves and their works, however, we cannot stop artists from putting their music up at no cost if they wish to share their music for free. 

The short answer, no.

Atomic promotes and pushed Australian Original Music from Artists based in Rural and Regional areas.

Part of signing up to our service means you let us promote and utilize your works across our network BUT you cannot give consent to us doing so with songs that aren’t yours originally.

Our licensing doesn’t provide for us to play works without consent given so unfortunately that means you can only upload works that you own the copyright to.

Best methods to contact us…

Phone: 02 6009 0225 (business hours)

Email: info@atomicmusic.space

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