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Atomic Music has announced the release of a new music publishing service to help Australian based artists and musicians showcase their music to a wider audience. The service represents the latest in a line of tailored options that carry artists from creative concept, through to a published campaign. The publishing service will allow artists to […]

The Atomic 100 of 2024 first aired in January on Atomic Radio, filled to the brim with incredible independent Australian talent. Capturing the highest ever digital station listener count. It has since been rebroadcast to 21 radio stations all over the country. The official number one song of the year was No Feels by Wollongong […]

Over the years we’ve become renowned amongst our supporters for supplying very premium quality merchandise. Our philosophy, as with everything we do, is to deliver more than we charge. It’s been a number of years since we’ve released any new branded merchandise lines. While we discontinued our Est. 2017 t-shirts, hoodies and snow beanies many […]

The days are clocking down to a National Public holiday and the opportunity for a backyard barbecue listening party. The Atomic 100 celebrates the best of the best hits which broadcast throughout the year on the Atomic national radio footprint. Each weekly Top 20 broadcast is put together by calculating streaming and download points from […]

In the hushed corridors of Atomic fans everywhere, where echoes of music and anticipation linger, a collective murmur has been brewing. The Atomic Hundred, that annual symphony of auditory delights, is stirring the airwaves once more. Brace yourselves, for the revelation of a date that will set your excitement soaring – mark your calendars, for […]

The Chess Brothers are making waves in the Australian music scene with thought-provoking songs about real things! The Newcastle-based band is comprised of three musicians (Steve Rounsley, Ian Taggart and Peter Ramsay) who are just as passionate about their community as they are about their music. Recently the bands single “Who Took the Sand Away”, […]

The Confident Musician (Brett Cusack), runs us through five tips for musicians who might be struggling to get gigs! Watch his video or you can read our summary below. Tip 1. You are in the people business, not the music business. Venue managers are people too, you know. They have problems, you have problems. Imagine […]

Nothing can be harder for aspiring rock, pop and hip-hop stars than figuring out how to get your name “out there”. We’ve composed this self-help guide to assist in musicians tighten up their game. There are many more options available in today’s world than the world of yester-year. Apps, instant-communications and social media have reduced […]

Our modern society treats most things disposably; sandwich bags, fast fashion, fast-food packaging, the latest news cycle, and the latest music fad is no exception. Mainstream artists come and go. Some releases spark our popular imagination and others, flop. At times even successful artists miss the mark, releasing a blundering track, sometimes only months after […]

Darren Jaynoy is a Tumut (NSW) based artist who originates from the UK. His single Mr Magic entered the charts in the last week of March, debuting at No. 10 it spent three weeks in the top ten. At the time of writing the single is still at No. 15. Darren Jaynoy, who writes, records […]

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