Basic Package


Introducing the Launchpad Music Basic Package – the perfect solution for musicians looking to take their careers to new heights. With this package, you’ll receive audio awareness via smart speaker broadcast, ensuring that your music is available to a wide audience through popular devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.


You’ll also receive comprehensive digital media communications, including social media management and email marketing to connect with potential fans and promote your music.


And with our in-house platform advertising, your music will be featured prominently on our popular music streaming and download platforms, giving you maximum exposure to potential listeners including a strong FM radio network.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to launch your music into the stratosphere. Sign up for the Launchpad Music Basic Package today and start reaching new heights in your career.



A succinct, tidy and tight marketing package to launchpad your media into the stratosphere. Includes audio awareness via smart speaker broadcast and FM broadcast, digital media communications, and in-house platform advertising.


Step 1. A team member will make contact to finalize payment arrangements and collect promotional material relevant to your music (album artwork, song audio, artist press release, EPK, photograph’s and more).


Step 2. We’ll facilitate a discussion about the key aspects of your music, style and personality that you’ll want to be the focus of you campaign. At this stage of the campaign any special attributes can be customized if you’d like to add something special to your campaign.


Step 3. A campaign plan will be developed spanning seven days of integrated platform marketing and communications material. We’ll start delivering your plan from the day you set the release or as soon as the plan has been developed and all promotional content has been produced.


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