How To Get Gigs In The New Music Industry

Written by on 1 November 2022

The Confident Musician (Brett Cusack), runs us through five tips for musicians who might be struggling to get gigs!

Watch his video or you can read our summary below.

Tip 1. You are in the people business, not the music business.

Venue managers are people too, you know.

They have problems, you have problems.

Imagine the problems a venue manager solves for you, if he comes up to you and says, “Hey, would you be able to play a gig here on Saturday night?”

You just got practice, exposure, the jitters, and paid all at once.

He just solved all your problems.

So, now imagine what problems you might have if you were a venue manager? When you call or email to book a gig, try and figure out how to solve their problems while you’re solving yours.

Tip 2. Find a Win-Win

Whether it’s for a support, or headline act, or for the venue. A win-win might be helping a less-well know, band gain notoriety, by playing alongside a bigger headline act.

For a bigger headline act, they might like more exposure that a smaller bands local audience could bring, when they come in to play, from out of town.

There are so many ways to brainstorm how, “working-together”, can be a win for everybody. Once you’ve thought of how, then just jump on that phone and get explaining!

Tip 3. Value yourself.

What do you bring to the table?

Without being an a**hole, you should know exactly what value you are bringing to the show.

This will help you feel confident, and willing to also decline an offer, if you don’t feel that it matches your inherent value, harbored within.

This leaves you available to accept the more valuable offers that come your way.

Tip 4. Don’t Give Up

Everyday brings a new opportunity, and there are always great opportunities to be found, if you go looking.

Don’t be too lazy to pick up the phone, go to a venue in person, or browse online; in online music groups, if you are too shy to go looking in person.

Tip 5. Get a coach or Mentor

Accelerate your progress by teaming up with someone who’s been there, and done it all before.

The Confident Musician has heaps of free and paid options to explore. if you are looking for a mentor or coach.

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