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It was felt in the air tonight. Electricity hummed, chords were strummed and there was no stopping the rock as Trick Shot once again laid down a marker to the scene as one of the best kept secret live acts going around town at the moment. Atomic Music presented the ‘Can’t Stop the Rock’ show, […]

Are you ready to rock, Adelaide? Get ready to feel the pulse of the music scene like never before, as Atomic Music takes its electrifying journey into the heart of South Australia. We’re thrilled to announce two unmissable shows that will set the city on fire, showcasing the best of Adelaide’s musical talent and marking […]

Radium Certified on the 19th March, 2023. #blues #rock #Awabakal #Coastline #Newcastle Steps of a Black Man was written by Steve after going on a field excursion to the Awabakal Nature Reserve in the Dudley/Redhead area. Redhead Lagoon and the sea cliffs have quite large middens left by the indigenous inhabitants indicating ‘banquets’ of shellfish […]

Are you ready to take a step back in time and walk in the footsteps of the past? Look no further than the Chess Brothers’ latest hit single, “Steps of a Black Man.” This Newcastle-based trio, comprised of Steve Rounsley, Ian Taggart, and Peter Ramsay, are making waves across the music industry with their unique […]

The Chess Brothers are making waves in the Australian music scene with thought-provoking songs about real things! The Newcastle-based band is comprised of three musicians (Steve Rounsley, Ian Taggart and Peter Ramsay) who are just as passionate about their community as they are about their music. Recently the bands single “Who Took the Sand Away”, […]

“Taking Over” by Australian artist Chloe Jade is currently charting at number 3 on Atomic’s national FM broadcast program. This heartfelt and personal track was inspired by experiences caring for a friend with terminal cancer, and showcases Chloe’s unique blend of musical influences. Chloe Jade’s passion for music and fascination with melody led her to […]

Mariah K is back and better than ever with her latest single, “Valentino”, available now on Atomic Music. This electrifying track showcases the talented singer-songwriter’s stunning vocals and captivating lyrics, making it the perfect addition to any summer playlist. After a hugely successful appearance on Australian Idol, Mariah K is quickly becoming one of the […]

As music lovers, we all know the importance of supporting new artists. But in today’s commercial media landscape, it can be harder than ever to discover independent talent. That’s where community radio broadcasters really shine. We believe that community radio stations play a vital role in discovering and nurturing new Australian talent. Not only do […]

One of the most exciting events on the Atomic calendar all year ended in dramatic fashion on Friday night. Super hit-maker Mariah K, from Crookwell in NSW, ousted Albury singer/songwriter Toby Mobbs from the top spot. This happened, after the later secured a six song rampage in the top ten. The final reveal of the […]

October and November have been nothing short of phantasmagorical for our growing list of regional and rural radio broadcasters! Partnering up to bolster the independent music platform, were no less than five FM and online stations. From across the Eastern States and Western Australia. The additions bring our total broadcasting entities to twenty, and over […]

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