“Have you ever heard of a Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes?” When a guy asked me this I was immediately fascinated by the analogy. I love analogies.  I was like “NO, but I love it, what does it mean? “ “Look it up.” He said. Reckless and full on. Dennis the Menace the girl version. […]

Is it brave or reckless to quit a job in the current climate we are in right now? Currently mental health is a massive priority and all the things swirling around are heightening circumstances considerably. I’m feeling very alone right now.  Theoretically I’m not.  But I still feel it. The lockdown has again triggered feelings […]

How often do you judge a book by its cover? Books aren’t just made to be looked at, they can bring great joy if you sit down and take the time to read them. We are judgemental by nature and it’s natural to judge immediately what’s been put in front of you.   Within 5 – […]

World Mental Health Day was on Saturday the 10th October.  I’d like to touch base and check in with everyone and see where they are at. As we turn into adults, life sometimes gets in the way of checking in on others and even in on ourselves.   Life Happens, Shit Happens, and people get busy. […]

This week I was reminded how important perspective is. Good things come from pressure thrust upon us.  Some of the most amazing people I know are those that have fought, been resilient, not always won but have continued to fight. There is no shortcut. Victory lies in overcoming obstacles every day. Some peoples are bigger […]

A drive-through or drive-thru, is a type of take-out service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. Developed in 1930 originally so that people could deposit their money at the national bank Drive throughs were created to develop efficiencies and alleviate waiting times around businesses.    Now we deposit […]

If you see someone with lipstick or food on their teeth. Do you tell them, even if instigating a conversation could make that person or yourself momentarily uncomfortable? I do.  Mainly because I think I’d like someone to tell me or bring attention to it so I can fix it. Something happened last week that […]

I distinctly remember a moment about a month ago.  I was hanging out with someone I’d only crossed paths within the last 6 months and I randomly started singing poorly.  They looked at me with eyes wide and went “What was that?”.  I remember being confused and said “Oh my singing outbursts,  I do that […]

Last month I had a brain tweak. It gave me an idea that seemed funny in my head and that I thought at the very least might make a few others smile, maybe even laugh.  I feed off and am a sucker for making people happy. A smile costs nothing but is infectious. Some of […]

Sometimes, things just have to get done and when you’re in that space that one job takes precendence. Self care is often confused with but does not equal being SELFISH.  Ultimately by practicing it more, you will have more of yourself to give long term. Recently I did something that reminded me again how important […]

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