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Chart favourite Mariah K is back in the room with a new single “Real Love”, through independent label Oceanic Records It’s been nearly six months since Mariah K’s previous single “Missing Piece” topped the Atomic Music charts, a longer than usual break between her eagerly anticipated single releases after producer/co-writer Stephen Lindsay underwent successful cancer […]

Ever since Toby Mobbs backed off the podium, the chart rankings have been TIGHT. Bette Foord is just a single music sale ahead of Country/Folk/Bluegrass performer DPM. She was seen celebrating this week and overjoyed. Bette’s “Shitty Leaders” has finally taken No. 1 (remixed by Alix Ewart), and she backs it up with a total […]

We are about punch in the launch codes to a Nuclear bomb! Not really…. But, later this week we’ll be revealing the Atomic ‘Hall of Fame’ – a collection of independent artists who have achieved nuclear rankings on the platform. Many of these artists have flown under the radar this year, and the Hall of […]

After making a stunning scene on the Seven Network TV program ‘The Voice’ Danny Phegan has made an equally profound return to the weekly music charts! The singer had plenty good to say about the Voice, describing the experience on his Facebook page as a, “nurturing, encouraging and warm environment from start to finish.” His […]

With all the hype surrounding Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter this year we actually remembered that we have a Twitter account! @atomicmusicaus Dusting off the ol’ Tweet-based social media platform, we composed a new Tweet adding the Twitter content-feed to our website homepage! It looks something like this… The Twitter Feed can be found under […]

We all know that musicians are a bulwark of personal enjoyment. The festive season drives home this point more so than any other time of the year. Who can’t relate to slapping in your EarPods to your favourite song whilst drowning out the sound of that severely over-played Christmas jingle as you walk through the […]

An astonishing number of Nuclear Awards have been earned this year, a testament to the grit, skill, talent and craftmanship of these independent artists. Atomic Nuclear Awards recognize songs which have demonstrated a level of success through the platform. A standard of care is imparted to ensure that both our charting system and award certification […]

The first major scheduling change is being made to the Atomic Radio roster since the launch of Atomic Radio in 2019. The key highlights of the change include TWICE DAILY broadcasts of the award-winning top-twenty radio program – The Atomic Countdown! Key Points: Guaranteed airplay for all music uploaded to Atomics streaming service Re-broadcast of […]

We have been hiding a huge secret from you all and it’s time to fess up… To put this in short, ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd, which was the parent company for Atomic Music was acquired by Brookehill Pty Ltd for an undisclosed figure and with this, Directors; Joshua Groch, Tyson Marcus and Joel Sulman are […]

15 weeks at number 1, Three times Uranium award winning Toby Mobbs is back with his latest track ‘All; Right Now‘! We managed to catch up with Toby this week to ask a few questions about his latest drop! Check it out! Tell us about where you got the idea for this track. What’s behind the […]

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