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Written by on 22 October 2021

Mariah K Pictured with Radium selling single “Take It Slow”

An astonishing number of Nuclear Awards have been earned this year, a testament to the grit, skill, talent and craftmanship of these independent artists.

Atomic Nuclear Awards recognize songs which have demonstrated a level of success through the platform. A standard of care is imparted to ensure that both our charting system and award certification process is fair, consistent and free from bias. To find out how we ensure the integrity of our charting system and the awarding of points, read this article from the FAQ.

To find out more about Nuclear awards and how to get one, check out this article from our FAQ.

And Now, for the 2021 Awards Listing….

Certified Radium’s (500+ chart points):

Asha Bright | Not 4 U

Catseye Parish | Working On It

Chloe Jade | Please and Thank You

David Wilson | Better in the Dark

David Wilson | RISE UP !

DeeP E.M. | Break Down your Wall

Desertlife | I Like The Beatles,

Frostbite | Edge of Bliss

`IVA | i.s.b.t.o.h

Jade Gibson | Wildfires

JaeWav | At This Point

Jake Hanney | 1000 Reasons Why

Jake Hanney | I Give a Rose to You

Jasmine Scholz | New Beginning (Feat. Bella Rispin)

Keith Nyerukayi | Kaymaan – Know Me

Mariah K | Elada

Mariah K | Right About That

Mary Roll | In The Woods

Micro Cuts | My Ego Won’t Take a Day Off

Only At The Movies | Take Me Away


The Jazz Kings | 1. I Love Being Here With you

Toby Mobbs | Making Lemonade

Certified Plutonium’s (2,500+ chart points):

Isy Cappo | Rebound Girl

Mariah K | Take It Slow

Certified Uranium’s (5,000+ chart points):

Asha Bright | Dragonfruit

Chloe Jade | In My Room

Toby Mobbs | All; Right Now

Toby Mobbs | Just One Thing (feat. Asha Bright)

Toby Mobbs | Moments

Congratulations to all of these wonderful Australian independent, regional artists who achieved great things on the Atomic platform this year! We wish them the best of luck as they progress in each of their journeys and particularly as we head into the Atomic Hundred this year!

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