Step 2. We’ll Reach Out To You

Written by on 15 November 2023

After Mariah submitted the publishing form, we touched base to make sure we understood her request, and what was required of us to make her publishing dreams come true!

We asked Mariah if she wanted us to publish her press release word-for-word, or if she preferred for us to write a new article, song review, or news grab, discussing her new release and accompanying lyric video for “Real Love”.

In Mariah’s case, she also requested a package that included Blog Ads.

So, we needed to find out where she wanted us to send the ad-click traffic; whether she wanted to rack up video views on her YouTube lyric-video, or streaming & chart points on her Atomic account, or to send new fans to her social media page and discover her feed.

(Try Me! Click Me!)

Mariah decided it was important for people to choose whether they wanted to watch videos, discover her profile, or buy concert tickets. So, she sent us her link tree URL to set up as the destination for ad-clicks.

Once everything’s been discussed, we’ll proceed towards launch.

• Inspection of submission materials

• Discussion about Creative Direction

• Invoice Payment & Terms

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