Bringing Australian Music To Your Fingertips

Written by on 23 March 2024

Are you interested in discovering local music, live gigs and thriving music communities happening near you? Read on..

For years, Atomic has been helping Australian songwriters and musicians showcase music to their local community. Enabling people from all across Australia to discover the hidden talent lurking next door.

Our Top Twenty music chart, which airs with more than twenty local community radio stations, has been broadcasting since 2018.

We’ve made it easy, too, for musos to submit songs for radio broadcast in five states, by simply uploading their music to our streaming platform.

This year has seen the biggest uptick in Australian artists joining the Atomic platform.

We’ve also made inroads into tackling one of the music industries most contentious issues today.

Pay rates offered to song writers on music streaming platforms.

Since we launched our music streaming service in 2019, we’ve been offering one of the best royalty rates to artists and musicians. We charge only 2% sales commission on song royalties, after we’ve covered payment merchant fees.

In 2024, we’ve found a brand-new way to help make an impact in the lives of Australian music lovers.

We’re partnering up directly with live music venues, to make it easy to find out “What’s On” in your local area.

Some regions already have fantastic services for finding local live music. Others have left their music lovers in the dark.

Atomic has embarked on reinvigorating local live music scenes across the country.

This March, we’ve published an interactive map on our website.

Punters will be able to easily find nearby local live music event venues.

Taking onboard your feedback, we’ve also rolled out regional gig guide listings.

So, we’re stopping at nothing to bring live music coverage to your area.

You may have already seen some of our gig guides through Facebook, where we network to hundreds of thousands of Australian music lovers.

Keep your eyes and ears out for our live music gig guides coming to a region near you!

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