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The Atomic 100 of 2024 first aired in January on Atomic Radio, filled to the brim with incredible independent Australian talent.

Capturing the highest ever digital station listener count. It has since been rebroadcast to 21 radio stations all over the country.

The official number one song of the year was No Feels by Wollongong based electro-grunge group, Stunts.

Stunts consists of two vocalists, Matty & Racey, who also respectively play guitar and bass, and their percussionist Pacey.

No Feels was in the Atomic Top 20 charts for 10 consecutive weeks in late 2022 to early 2023 and ascended to it’s top slot of number 2 in Dec 2022.

Matty from Stunts told Atomic, “we were absolutely stoked to come in at number 1”.

“I was sitting down listening to the countdown, and I’d gotten an email saying we’ll probably be on it. And I was going ‘oh, nothing yet. I wonder if it was an error’” Matty says.

After hearing No Feels air at number 1 on the countdown, Matty interrupted his wife watching a movie to tell her the news.

“It was great. It was a really joyous sort of moment.” Matty says.

Stunts originally formed just before COVID-19 hit the shores of Australia, and the band narrowly managed to record their first few songs with producer Matt Fell between two separate lockdowns.

Matty says, “We kind of formed a bit over a mutual love of 80s new wave post punk and 90s grunge, and they’re kind of like musically mortal enemies”.

PREVIEW: Listen to Stunts #1 Single Right Now on Atomic:

The two genres blend together into an interesting new sound that is uniquely Stunts. With the loud, angsty organic guitars of grunge and the sequences and drum machines of 80s new wave, the band like to call their sound “electro-grunge.”

Storytelling and lyrics are also a large aspect of Stunts’ music.

On the topic of the lyrics behind Stunts sound, Matty says “the nature of a lot of music is it’s telling things from one side, one perspective. I guess we had, you know, two very different vocalists with very different life experience and all that sort of stuff. So, we thought that might be kind of interesting too, just to sort of have those opposing perspectives, and that kind of runs through our first album, Housework.”

The importance of two perspectives is also a key feature to Stunts number 1 song No Feels.

Matty says No Feels is a new take on a breakup song, “an interesting sort of way of talking through what that felt like for both sides”, using those two perspectives.

“It really is that sort of moment that I think a lot of people have sort of felt, when you just get to that point where in any relationship where it’s, you know you’ve, you’ve tried, you’ve been through it, you’ve said absolutely everything, you’ve tried absolutely everything, and you still end up in the same old place. And it’s kind of, yeah, it’s not a great feeling. So, not the most cheerful song, but hopefully the music gives it a bit of a lift.”

What’s next for Stunts after their success with Atomic? Releasing their next single Drugs of course!

They’ll be launching their new single on Sunday, May 26th at La La La’s in Wollongong.

The full interview with Matty Stunts airs on Atomic Music’s new radio show, Rhythm & Hues on March 7th.

100 By The Numbers

Local independent and original artists from many corners of Australia were the mainstay of the Atomic 100 broadcast this year. 

They featured from four states and many different regions, country and metropolitan towns.

Here’s a look at the who’s who of independent Aus artists this year…

New South Wales

NSW regions like Newcastle, Sydney, and the Northern Rivers consistently dominated the annual 100 charts with a multitude of charting songs, showcasing the state’s diverse and thriving music scenes.

Northern Rivers

From the lush landscapes of Northern Rivers, New South Wales, a diverse array of musical talents emerged, leaving their mark on the charts.

Human Dinosaur Machine‘s electrifying “Ventilator” pumped its way to the 27th spot, showcasing the region’s penchant for edgy sounds. Bri & Si’s soulful “I think I’m Fine” struck a chord with listeners at the 50th position, while Leaving Jordan‘s “Gold Standard” from Byron Bay added a touch of golden allure at 52nd place.

Watling & Bates‘ dreamy “Candy Moon” transported audiences to ethereal realms from Unumgar at 86th place, while The Magnificence‘s quirky “3am Fried Chicken” brought a playful twist to the charts from Lismore at 97th place, rounding out the impressive lineup of Northern Rivers’ musical talent.

Mid North Coast

Highlighting the musical prowess of the Mid North Coast region in New South Wales, Goon Gremlins’ “Dumb” claimed the 47th spot on the charts, showcasing the area’s diverse musical talents. TCAT’s collaboration with Okafuwa, “SERENITY,” brought a sense of tranquillity and creativity to the 60th position, reflecting the region’s artistic depth. Miles Sarma’s captivating track “Going My Way” rounded out the charting songs, securing the 65th spot and adding to the rich tapestry of musical expression found along the Northern NSW Coastal area.

Walcha – New England

In the picturesque New England region of Walcha, New South Wales, two standout tracks made waves on the charts. The Florin Arc’s enchanting “Horses at the crossing” galloped into the 75th spot, capturing the imagination with its melodic charm. Meanwhile, Fovndlings’ introspective “One Road In” secured the 87th position, offering listeners a reflective journey through the region’s musical landscape.

Newcastle – Hunter

Overall, Newcastle’s music scene showcased remarkable diversity and talent, with multiple artists securing spots on the annual 100 chart, demonstrating the region’s vibrant musical landscape.

In the thriving music scene of Newcastle, New South Wales, several talented artists made their mark on the charts with their compelling tunes. Among them, the Chess Brothers’ “Steps Of A Black Man” secured the 19th spot, while Cherelle’s “Here I Come” soared to 32nd place. Glen James Clare’s “A Walk In The Park” strolled gracefully into the 33rd position, showcasing the diversity of the region’s musical offerings. Paul Storey’s “Don’t Tell Me” captured the attention of audiences, securing the 55th spot, alongside Rehab Doll’s captivating “Out Of It” and Gourmet Mouse Trap’s emotive “Be With Me” at 57th and 58th positions respectively. Hogie B struck a chord with “Set Me Free,” which claimed the 78th spot, while Nascent’s “Corona Killed Rock” provided a poignant reflection at 79th place. Mitchell Challice’s melody “LOST” rounded out the impressive lineup, securing the 92nd spot and showcasing the depth and talent of Newcastle’s music scene.

Central Coast

In the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Andrew Jacobs’ soulful track “Save It (For a Rainy Day)” captured hearts and secured the 80th spot on the charts. With its upbeat lyrics and emotive melody, the song showcased the region’s talent and added a touch of musical depth to Gosford’s vibrant music scene.

Sydney Metro

From the bustling streets of Sydney, New South Wales, emerged a trio of captivating tracks that left an indelible mark on the charts. Arrows vs Empires’ anthemic “Before the Light Begins” set the stage for dynamic storytelling, claiming the 69th spot and showcasing the city’s gifted music scene.

PREVIEW: Listen to Arrows vs Empires #69 Single Right Now on Atomic:

Simple Stone’s evocative “She Said” resonated with audiences at 96th place, weaving a tale of longing against the backdrop of Sydney’s urban landscape. Meanwhile, Simon Hodges’ introspective “What’s Your Situation?” closed out the chart at 100th place, adding a touch of introspection and depth to Sydney Metro’s diverse musical offerings.

Wollongong – Illawarra

Wollongong, nestled in the picturesque Illawarra region of New South Wales, also left its mark on the charts with two standout tracks. Stunts’ infectious “No Feels” claimed the top spot, showcasing the town’s knack for producing catchy and memorable tunes. Meanwhile, Stainless Fields’ evocative “Marlborough Street” captivated listeners and secured the 89th position, further solidifying Wollongong’s presence in the national music scene.


From the serene landscapes of Riverina, New South Wales, a tapestry of musical brilliance emerged, captivating audiences far and wide. a.d.o.l.f.o & Kozmik’s dynamic collaboration, “Who I Am,” soared to the 2nd spot, showcasing the region’s talent for crafting infectious beats. Ben O’Kane’s introspective “Aint It Funny How” followed suit at 12th place, while Plenarius’ soul-stirring “Do You Know Your Worth” from Tumut added depth and introspection at 21st place. Daniel Tooze’s evocative “The Way” from Wagga Wagga captured hearts at 40th place, while Catseye Parish’s ethereal “Waterfall” cascaded into the 41st position. Ben O’Kane’s fiery “Wildfire” blazed a trail at 46th place, alongside Blue Horizon Project’s uplifting “Blue Skies and Angels” at 48th place. Filthy Rocks’ enigmatic “Undecided” from Wagga Wagga brought a sense of intrigue at 62nd place, while Dean Lucas’ resilient anthem “Won’t Give Up” resonated with audiences at 73rd place. Darren Jaynoy’s heartfelt “Paper Heart” from Tumut touched souls at 84th place, while Col Ray Price’s bluesy “I’m A Sinner Baby (Just Like You)” closed out the chart at 98th place, showcasing the rich diversity of talent within Riverina’s music-scape.

Albury Wodonga – Murray

From the vibrant Murray region in Albury Wodonga, New South Wales, a plethora of talented artists made their mark on the charts. Luke Mac, featuring Imagine The Rapper, kicked off the lineup with “Restless,” securing the 11th spot and setting the stage for an eclectic mix of musical styles. Isaac Staines’ poignant “Now You’re Gone” followed suit at 25th place, while Mt. Maze’s “Fool For You” claimed the 29th position and Stuart Rennie’s introspective “When Winter Comes” secured the 30th spot, showcasing the region’s diverse musical landscape. Desertlife’s nostalgic “Raised On Television” added a unique flavor at 36th place, alongside Luke Mac’s dynamic collaboration “Fake x King Cat” at 44th place and Lowline’s atmospheric “As The Crow Flies” at 59th place. Dallas Owen’s emotive “HOSTAGE,” featuring Sad Gurl, resonated with audiences at 71st place, while ROB’s catchy “Do you wanna have fun” rounded out the charting tracks, highlighting the depth and creativity of Albury Wodonga’s music scene.

Southern Tablelands

From the picturesque landscapes of the Southern Tablelands in New South Wales, a collection of captivating melodies emerged, enchanting listeners with their emotive resonance. Mariah K’s enchanting “Valentino” bewitched audiences, claiming the 7th spot with its mesmerizing allure. Isy Cappo’s uplifting “Come The Light” illuminated hearts at 20th place, showcasing the region’s talent for crafting soul-stirring tunes. PREDDEY’s heartfelt collaboration “With You Again,” featuring Indianna, from Bowral stirred emotions at 53rd place, adding depth to the musical tapestry of the Southern Tablelands. Anbarasan Mitchell’s nostalgic “It’s The Sixties” provided a charming throwback at 99th place, rounding out the chart and highlighting the region’s diverse musical offerings.

Australian Capital Territory

While smaller in comparison, the Australian Capital Territory, particularly Canberra, made its mark on the annual 100 charts with standout tracks, reflecting the region’s unique musical offerings and contributions to the Australian music landscape.

From the heart of the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, emerged two remarkable tracks that captivated listeners and earned their place on the charts. James Montgomery-Willcox’s emotive “Picture Frame” painted a vivid sonic landscape, securing the 26th spot with its evocative storytelling and melodic charm. Meanwhile, Matriarch’s powerful “Medusa” cast a spell on audiences, claiming the 72nd position with its fierce energy and raw emotion, showcasing the diversity and talent within Canberra’s music scene.


Queensland’s regions such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast showcased their prominence in the annual 100 charts, with numerous charting songs reflecting the state’s vibrant and diverse music scene.

Brisbane Metro

From the lively cityscape of Brisbane, Queensland, a varied array of musical talents emerged, each leaving their unique imprint on the charts. Sonic Keys’ soulful “Unchain My Soul” set the tone, claiming the 3rd spot with its stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Becky Harris made multiple appearances, with “Anxiety” at 4th place, “Stay Afloat” at 39th place, “Tipsy” at 49th place, and “Autopilot” at 56th place, showcasing her versatility and resonance with listeners. Skunkbone’s enchanting “Her” captured hearts at 13th place, while Aria Cook’s haunting “Vampire” added a touch of darkness at 24th place. Eslee Smith’s soulful “It’s The Love For Me” struck a chord at 51st place, alongside Atlamer’s Muse’s enchanting “Gold & Silver” at 66th place and TR3VOR’s edgy “Bad Nut” at 68th place. Flint’s vibrant “Colours” painted a vivid sonic canvas at 70th place, while Masterful Foe’s commanding “King Tide” swept listeners away at 74th place. The Blackwater Fever’s gritty “The Slew” added a raw edge at 83rd place, while Wolves Counsel’s intense “Terror Incognito” closed out the chart at 85th place, showcasing the dynamic and thriving music scene of Brisbane Metro.

Darling Downs South West

From the charming region of Darling Downs South West in Toowoomba, Queensland, emerged two standout tracks that made waves on the charts. Kathleen Turner Overdrive’s fierce “Gurlzilla” roared into the 17th spot, capturing attention with its bold energy and infectious beats. Meanwhile, Mind Dragz Body’s dynamic “Do it For Cliff” showcased the region’s talent for crafting catchy tunes, securing the 43rd position and adding depth to the musical landscape of Darling Downs South West.

South East Queensland

From the vibrant music scene of South East Queensland emerged a collection of standout tracks, each leaving an indelible mark on the charts. Total Radio Silence’s poignant “All I Wanted” captivated listeners, securing the 8th spot and showcasing the Sunshine Coast’s talent for crafting emotive melodies. Meanwhile, ADX’s powerful “Hard Work” from the Gold Coast exemplified the region’s dedication and drive, claiming the 28th position. Cora’s enchanting “Romeo And Juliet” from the Sunshine Coast added a touch of romance at 54th place, while Total Radio Silence returned with “Borrowed Time” at 63rd place, further solidifying their presence in the region’s music scene. Bohemian Rogue’s infectious “Coastal Groove (the kombi song)” from Caloundra captured the laid-back essence of coastal living at 76th place, while John Rush’s compelling “Reputation” rounded out the chart at 94th place, highlighting the diverse musical offerings of South East Queensland.


Victoria’s regions, including Melbourne, Gippsland, and Ovens Murray, demonstrated significant influence in the annual 100 charts, with a variety of tracks from different areas making their mark and contributing to the state’s rich musical tapestry.


From the serene landscapes of Gippsland, Victoria, emerged two captivating tracks that resonated deeply with listeners. Jake Hanney’s introspective “Blank Slate” from Drouin captivated audiences, securing the 6th spot with its raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing the region’s talent for crafting poignant melodies. Meanwhile, Jane Richardson’s emotive “Stay” from Traralgon added a touch of heart ache at 34th place, further enriching the musical tapestry of Gippsland.

Bendigo – Loddon Campaspe

From the heart of the Loddon Campaspe region in Bendigo, Victoria, emerged Vile Engine’s haunting “She Raises Her Senses,” claiming the 16th spot on the charts. With its evocative melodies and powerful lyrics, the track captivated listeners, showcasing the depth of talent within the region’s music scene and leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

Melbourne Metro

From the bustling streets of Melbourne, Victoria, emerged a diverse array of tracks that captured the essence of the city’s vibrant music scene. Bette Foord’s emotive “Come Home, Soon” set the tone, claiming the 10th spot with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody. Matthew McMahon’s soulful “Table for Twenty” followed suit at 14th place, while One More Weekend’s dynamic “Unaware” added a touch of energy at 18th place. Peak Park’s infectious “Need Your Love” brought a sense of longing at 42nd place, while Magdalia’s evocative “Great Expectations” added depth and emotion at 67th place. Noah Calderan’s introspective “Real Love?” pondered matters of the heart at 82nd place, while Age of Iguana’s atmospheric “Eternity in my mind” provided a sonic journey at 88th place. Gillson’s thought-provoking “Ode to Social Media (Social Suicide)” rounded out the chart at 91st place, highlighting the diversity and creativity of Melbourne’s music scene.

Ovens Murray

From the picturesque landscapes of the Ovens Murray region in Victoria emerged a captivating lineup of tracks that captured the essence of the area’s rich musical heritage. Jade Gibson’s soulful “Country Mile” from Wangaratta set the tone, claiming the 5th spot with its heartfelt lyrics and melodic charm. Chloe Jade’s empowering “Taking Over” followed suit at 9th place, while Anna Leeworthy’s energetic “BITE THE BULLET” from Wodonga added a burst of dynamism at 15th place.

PREVIEW: Listen to Anna Leeworthy’s #15 Single Right Now on Atomic:

Inversion’s introspective “Naïve” from Benalla provided a moment of reflection at 22nd place, while Matt Lane’s emotive “Love Hard Won” from Yackandandah added depth and emotion at 35th place. Mason Jack and The Driftwood’s spirited “Long Haul” from Wangaratta kept the momentum going at 38th place, while Anna Leeworthy returned with the collaborative “Love Your Neighbour” featuring Jordan Astra at 61st place. Green Walls’ introspective “The Answer” from Wodonga provided a moment of contemplation at 77th place, while The Counterfeits’ edgy “Monkey Brain” from Benalla added a touch of intrigue at 81st place. Back Porch Fridaze’s bluesy “Walkin Walkin Blues” from Bethanga rounded out the chart at 93rd place, showcasing the diverse and vibrant musical tapestry of the Ovens Murray region.

South Australia

South Australia’s regions, particularly Adelaide and Barossa Valley, displayed notable presence in their first ever year producing artist appearances in the annual 100 charts, indicating the state’s burgeoning music scene and diverse range of talented artists.

Adelaide Metro

From the lively streets of Adelaide, South Australia, emerged a dynamic lineup of tracks that captured the essence of the city’s vibrant music scene. Cigarillo’s infectious “Quiz Machine” claimed the 31st spot, offering listeners a catchy groove that resonated throughout the Adelaide Metro area. Mode’s spirited “Out and About” added a touch of urban flair at 37th place, while Trick Shot’s “Nothing I’d Rather Do” showcased the band’s energetic style at 45th place. Fuselage’s captivating “Alibi” provided a sonic escape at 64th place, transporting listeners to new realms of musical exploration. Meanwhile, Carl Dover’s emotive “Pretty Lonely Girl” closed out the chart at 90th place, highlighting the depth and diversity of Adelaide’s music scene.

Barossa Valley

From the picturesque vineyards of Barossa Valley, South Australia, emerged Chloe Sea’s enchanting “Movie Scene,” claiming the 23rd spot on the charts. With its melodic charm and evocative lyrics, the track transported listeners to cinematic landscapes, showcasing the region’s talent for crafting soul-stirring melodies amidst the beauty of the valley.

As gifted artists across Australia upload their music to Atomic, we’ve no doubt that the 2025 Atomic 100 will comprise of more diverse local talent from new locations around the country.

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