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As music lovers, we all know the importance of supporting new artists. But in today’s commercial media landscape, it can be harder than ever to discover independent talent. That’s where community radio broadcasters really shine. We believe that community radio stations play a vital role in discovering and nurturing new Australian talent. Not only do […]

Darren Jaynoy is a Tumut (NSW) based artist who originates from the UK. His single Mr Magic entered the charts in the last week of March, debuting at No. 10 it spent three weeks in the top ten. At the time of writing the single is still at No. 15. Darren Jaynoy, who writes, records […]

Mariah K has released a new single that is stunning fans for it’s relatability. Taking a somber turn from her other recent releases, “Missing Piece” cuts into the reality of the heavy days that seemingly everyone is going through lately. The lyrics reminisce on easier days and as the official release says, “The ‘Missing Piece’ […]

Isy Cappo’s “Circles” spent three weeks dominating the charts at No. 1 during January and February. This was right after the single debuted at No. 1, an unprecedented display of the fan affection for the young regional hit maker Isy Cappo. The artist then went on to release a timely music video clip for her […]

Mariah K has led a mega couple of years on the Australian music scene. Releasing her debut, ethnic-themed single “Elada” to a stellar chart performance, Mariah K went on to drop hit after hit after hit. After releasing her latest single titled, “4.00A.M.” Mariah has pressed tantalizingly close to another number 1, piling as high […]

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