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Isy Cappo, the Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, is back with a bang, and she’s not taking “No More” for an answer.  With her latest single, “No More”, now available for streaming on Atomic Music, Isy is ready to embark on a new phase of her career, filled with bold statements and a powerful voice. After a […]

Darren Jaynoy, the musical virtuoso from Tumut, NSW, has once again captivated audiences with his latest release, “Who Will I Sing To.” The song, available for streaming on Atomic Music, delves deep into the intricacies of human emotions, echoing Jaynoy’s signature blend of introspection and melody. Darren Jaynoy isn’t just another artist; he’s a storyteller, […]

Are you interested in discovering local music, live gigs and thriving music communities happening near you? Read on.. For years, Atomic has been helping Australian songwriters and musicians showcase music to their local community. Enabling people from all across Australia to discover the hidden talent lurking next door. Our Top Twenty music chart, which airs […]

Over the years we’ve become renowned amongst our supporters for supplying very premium quality merchandise. Our philosophy, as with everything we do, is to deliver more than we charge. It’s been a number of years since we’ve released any new branded merchandise lines. While we discontinued our Est. 2017 t-shirts, hoodies and snow beanies many […]

The days are clocking down to a National Public holiday and the opportunity for a backyard barbecue listening party. The Atomic 100 celebrates the best of the best hits which broadcast throughout the year on the Atomic national radio footprint. Each weekly Top 20 broadcast is put together by calculating streaming and download points from […]

In the hushed corridors of Atomic fans everywhere, where echoes of music and anticipation linger, a collective murmur has been brewing. The Atomic Hundred, that annual symphony of auditory delights, is stirring the airwaves once more. Brace yourselves, for the revelation of a date that will set your excitement soaring – mark your calendars, for […]

It was felt in the air tonight. Electricity hummed, chords were strummed and there was no stopping the rock as Trick Shot once again laid down a marker to the scene as one of the best kept secret live acts going around town at the moment. Atomic Music presented the ‘Can’t Stop the Rock’ show, […]

Are you ready to rock, Adelaide? Get ready to feel the pulse of the music scene like never before, as Atomic Music takes its electrifying journey into the heart of South Australia. We’re thrilled to announce two unmissable shows that will set the city on fire, showcasing the best of Adelaide’s musical talent and marking […]

“Taking Over” by Australian artist Chloe Jade is currently charting at number 3 on Atomic’s national FM broadcast program. This heartfelt and personal track was inspired by experiences caring for a friend with terminal cancer, and showcases Chloe’s unique blend of musical influences. Chloe Jade’s passion for music and fascination with melody led her to […]

Mariah K is back and better than ever with her latest single, “Valentino”, available now on Atomic Music. This electrifying track showcases the talented singer-songwriter’s stunning vocals and captivating lyrics, making it the perfect addition to any summer playlist. After a hugely successful appearance on Australian Idol, Mariah K is quickly becoming one of the […]

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