Isy Cappo Has No More Patience for the Haters

Written by on 18 May 2024

Isy Cappo, the Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, is back with a bang, and she’s not taking “No More” for an answer. 

With her latest single, “No More”, now available for streaming on Atomic Music, Isy is ready to embark on a new phase of her career, filled with bold statements and a powerful voice.

After a hiatus of two years, fans have eagerly awaited Isy’s return, and she does not disappoint. 

“No More” serves as an introduction to the path Isy is forging in her musical journey. With its heavy R&B influence, the song showcases Isy’s authentic sound, marking a significant evolution in her artistry.

In an exclusive interview with Atomic, Isy revealed the inspiration behind her latest track. A Tarot reading with a fortune teller, whose voice can be heard within the song.

She reflected on the statements embedded within the lyrics, noting that they’re her way of saying she’s not here to listen to the negativity that comes with her music.

“I’ve taken time off and now I’m back and better than ever.”

Isy Cappo

The lines “Why do we seek to be defined through someone else’s eyes?” and “Cause no one knows the real you” are particularly evocative, reflecting Isy’s newfound commitment to authenticity and self-awareness in her music.

Isy’s dedication to her craft is evident in her academic pursuits as well. Having studied Bachelor in Music and pursued a Master in Performance with a minor in composition, she continues to hone her skills at the Australian Institute of Music.

Isy’s immersion in the music industry extends beyond academia, as she is signed to the student-run label, 2030 Records, and benefits from studio time at prestigious academies like ‘The Artists Studio’.

The creation of “No More” is also tied to her studies, with the song having started its journey as a simple assignment. 

Isy Cappo “No More” Press Photo

“No More” not only marks Isy’s triumphant return but also sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting year ahead. 

As she gears up for her debut album later this year, Isy remains two steps ahead of the game, fueled by her unwavering dedication to her craft and a desire to share her pure vibes and soulful voice with the world.

Isy Cappo’s latest release, “No More”, serves as a powerful declaration of her refusal to entertain negativity and doubt. As the lyric suggests, “jealousy is a curse,” it’s clear that the haters are merely envious of Isy’s talent and authenticity. 

So why wait any longer? Join Isy on her musical journey and stream “No More” now on the Atomic Music website.

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