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For These Four Walls fans, the wait is almost over, with the band’s third studio album “This Is Not A Future” now slated for release Friday April 24th 2020! Their new single, “CHAOS”, was one of the last to be written and recorded for the album – and showcases a clear progression in the band’s songwriting style […]

This Crackin A Cold One is a super special edition. Not only because this will be the new format going forward with the current world situation and not being able to chill at a pub over a few frothies. But also because the guest is a close friend whose new project is something I haven’t […]

6 weeks running and someone has overnight, de-throned heavyweights, DIEFM from the #1 spot on the Atomic Countdown! Wodonga based hip-hop artist Keatz has been nipping at the heels of DIEFM for the last 3 weeks slowly climbing up the numbers and this week, has knocked them off the top spot with his track “Fall” […]

New Australian artist “Ripe Royal” have appeared on the Stream Space overnight with a killer track that will sent you wild! Ripe Royal is Nathan Essay (Guitar/Vox), Tim Godwin (Drums/Vocals) and Jason Dominic (Bass). Their new track “Bang Bang!” entered the overnight and already is gaining traction in the numbers. With an early 00’s […]

Toby Mobbs is one of the hottest properties in the Albury/Wodonga and surrounding rural and regional areas when it comes to Ed Sheeran look-a-like contests and it turns out he isn’t so bad at music either. Announced earlier today on his Facebook page Toby announced the release of his latest single via a 50 second […]

There is a lot of change on social media these days with everyone forced to operate out of their lounge-rooms, garage studios or even driveways! With Scomo telling us all we are grounded in a way that makes me feel like I just snuck out at night and got yelled at by my dad for […]

This months Feature artist is Albury based Rock band Midnight Alibi, who have recently returned from playing some prestigious Rock venues in the USA.

I want you to take five minutes away from your Netflix and attempted “chill” session, get off your couch and step outside for a minute. Now close your eyes and listen really hard. Do you hear that?!? That is the sound of a Central Coast bands front man wailing his haunting voice through your soul […]

Influenza has been tracking steadily up the charts and with every artist that sits in our countdown, the team sits back in our fluffy pink bean bags, sticks the tracks onto a vinyl coloured iPod rested upon a cinderblock/plank made shelf and listens through a set of amazing Hendrix corded headphones… After a solid listen […]

With the world of music changing each and every day, more and more artists are turning to different mediums to get their music out to the masses. This includes a step up in busking, youtube video’s, blogs about their personal lives (or little puppies!?) and much more. It use to be a musician without a […]

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