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The Hundred most radioactive singles from all across the Atomic music network, will be going to air in our annual Atomic Hundred! Tune in from anywhere via, or alternatively ask Alexa, or your Google Smart Speaker; “Ask my Tuner radio to play Atomic Radio Australia”. The first program broadcasts on November 18th at 7.00pm […]

After making a stunning scene on the Seven Network TV program ‘The Voice’ Danny Phegan has made an equally profound return to the weekly music charts! The singer had plenty good to say about the Voice, describing the experience on his Facebook page as a, “nurturing, encouraging and warm environment from start to finish.” His […]

Darren Jaynoy is a Tumut (NSW) based artist who originates from the UK. His single Mr Magic entered the charts in the last week of March, debuting at No. 10 it spent three weeks in the top ten. At the time of writing the single is still at No. 15. Darren Jaynoy, who writes, records […]

Mariah K has released a new single that is stunning fans for it’s relatability. Taking a somber turn from her other recent releases, “Missing Piece” cuts into the reality of the heavy days that seemingly everyone is going through lately. The lyrics reminisce on easier days and as the official release says, “The ‘Missing Piece’ […]

Isy Cappo’s “Circles” spent three weeks dominating the charts at No. 1 during January and February. This was right after the single debuted at No. 1, an unprecedented display of the fan affection for the young regional hit maker Isy Cappo. The artist then went on to release a timely music video clip for her […]

Isy Cappo makes a milestone achievement this month. After flying high in 2021, charting at No. 2 on the weeklies and No. 7 in the Atomic Hundred annual, Cappo became one of the few artists to achieve a new single debut at No. 1! We asked the hard-hitting questions to get at the core of […]

Mariah K has led a mega couple of years on the Australian music scene. Releasing her debut, ethnic-themed single “Elada” to a stellar chart performance, Mariah K went on to drop hit after hit after hit. After releasing her latest single titled, “4.00A.M.” Mariah has pressed tantalizingly close to another number 1, piling as high […]

Isy is on a tear once again! Cappo, a Southern Tablelands based artist, is collaborating with U.S. rapper Big Semaj and American-based Hip Hop producer East Artifice to drop a new hot track titled, “Enough”. Isy’s new single, “Enough”, deals with love and adult themes such as drug abuse. Isy injects the track with her […]

After an envious performance in the Atomic Hundred this year, Country/ Folk/ Bluegrass and most importantly, Rock artist, Deep em (DPM) is closing off 2021 with a bang and the release of a new single, “Ah-Ha!” Long-time Atomic listeners will remember DPM from his 2020 single release titled ‘Expand’. The shock waves gave birth to […]

Much of our weekly commentary hinges on what’s happening at the very top of the charts. What cannot be overstated, however, is the quality of talent that often lurks just below the top 5 tunes every week. Competition has become incredibly fierce for top spots towards the end of the year. As such, many would […]

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