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If you haven’t heard of Sheppard before, have you been living under a rock? They’re an indie/pop band based out of Brisbane. They’re an Aussie sibling band with front man George alongside his 2 sisters Amy (blue hair) and Emma (pink string bass player). They have created some big hits such as ‘Let Me Down […]

Cocktail of Emotions – the final track from the Lucky Man EP – offers a stiff mix of feels, subtle funk and hard truths While the world has been in lockdown, Joel William Harrison has been releasing one track every month from his latest EP, Lucky Man. Cocktail of Emotions – the fourth and final […]

Mitchell Challice is a Funky Blues Musician based out of Newcastle NSW, known as MDC. We discovered Mitchell the best way possible! By hearing the tracks he uploaded to the Atomic Stream Space. His song “The Music” has been an absolute hit in the Atomic HQ, and has held solid placement in the Atomic Countdown […]

Toby Mobbs is the unstoppable Lemonade maker destroying the charts and Atomic’s records overnight becoming the first artist in Atomic history to reach our Plutonium certification on the Atomic Music Network! In order to gain this certification, you need to gain 2,500 chart points made up of sales, shares, likes, engagement, and streams from the […]

Nathan Cavaleri is an artist I followed closely when I was a young fella growing up learning guitar thinking, “damn I wish I had his life”. It was a life of touring, tv show appearances, and world-wide travel but instead of after parties and the “rock-n-roll” lifestyle, Nathan was doing homework and tucking in for […]

Toby Mobb’s popped into HQ to talk about his early INXS level tour schedule and the 3 year plan he has set-out for his career! Check it out on Atomic TV!

Miss Mikaila popped in to talk all things travel, #mumlyfe and her upcoming album including her debut single release “Same Old Song!” Check it out!

Miss Mikaila is no stranger to Atomic with two number one tracks under her belt, an Australian tour and a unique ability to write songs in a matter of minutes! We heard a whisper a few weeks ago that there was some more works in the making and finally got a chance to catch up […]

Chris Miller is no stranger to the world of Atomic… He has gone Radium for his track “Not Crazy”… The same track took out the Number 1 spot on the 2019 Atomic Hundred and rumour has it, it is nearing double Radium status on this one but this is actually not why we are here […]

Shortly after releasing his debut album ‘The Palace’, Mixed Attraction sky rocketed to number one. As a part of our pledge to giveaway $20,000 of promotion to artists, we sat down for a discussion with the man himself. Mixed, your track ‘So Dank Jerk’ has just hit number one, how does it feel? Well, now […]

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