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Jackson Quinnell is a local musician who plays solo gigs in pubs around Albury/Wodonga – with his Mini Maton acoustic guitar and smooth, often haunting vocals; he captures and portrays emotions and places in time effortlessly. He’s definitely someone you want to see live at least once in your life! By day, Jackson is a […]

The Regina’s Cabaret performance: EDLMAYR Atomic sat down recently to chat with The Reginas Emily Weaver and Coralie Schell. Last month’s punk-inspired cabaret show, EDLMAYR which was held at the HotHouse Theatre was the pairs brainchild. Here’s how the quirky upbeat performers went under interview…. Tell us what’s special about the Reginas? Coralie: We represent […]

NIKKY THOMAS – THE ENDORSEMENTS ROLL IN We caught up with Nikky Thomas, the illustrious bassist from Toxic Dolls, Outlier and former member of our February cover band Stiletto. How long have you been rocking it out with Toxic Dolls? I’ve been playing with the toxic dolls since April this year. So far, I’ve played […]

What do you think of UFO’s? Josh: My favourite quote is that the surest sign of intelligent life out there is that none of it has tried to contact us. (all laughs) Is it a sign of your intelligence then that you got in contact with these guys to join Catnip Kaiser recently? Jack: Josh […]

Who are Youth Overboard? We met at a school holiday music program put on by the Border Academy of Rock back in January 2017. Despite going to different schools and living 40 odd minutes away from each other we got back in touch and started preparing for our first music competition as a duo. We’ve […]

Brent Shirley is a pop/folk artist from Castlemaine, Victoria. Brent has been entertaining audiences for over a decade with his soulful voice and combination of folk, rock and country genres. His extensive stage experience has seen him open for the likes of You Am I, Mia Dyson and Bob Evans. Tell us about your history as […]

Tell us a bit about your journey as an artist? I have been singing and performing for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure it was born into my veins. As an artist however, I only go back to about 2016. I played my first gig at Retro when it was held in […]

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