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Written by on 29 March 2020

Midnight Alibi – Photo: Jimmy Shoemark

This months Feature artist is Albury based Rock band Midnight Alibi, who have recently returned from playing some prestigious Rock venues in the USA.

Midnight Aliba have just returned from your US tour. Tell us a little about how the tour came together and what the tour entailed.
I think any artist’s dream is to break into an overseas market and meet new friends and fans alike. It also felt like the timing was right for us.

You guys played some pretty impressive venues in the state. What was it like? And how was the reception for you guys over there?
We are just grateful to have followed the footsteps of our musical heroes and to have had the opportunity to play such venues like The Whisky a Go-Go with Drowning Pool, for example, was amazing, The audience tends to understand the history of the venues too as much as we did and that in itself is enough to gain the respect of a new crowd. So we felt very excepted in California and West Hollywood.

What was life like on the road in the US? What’s the craziest story that happened on the tour?
The craziest story is too crazy to be told let’s just leave it at that, but we wish you were there!

Did you get any insights or feedback from anyone over there regarding your music?
Oh yeah, we’ve been invited back to play the Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room and The Rainbow Bar and Grill that has to tell you something.

Are there plans in place to head back over anytime soon? Or any other dream venues or locations you guys would like to go?
We have plans for the latter part of 2020 to head back to America and also to another country which dates will be announced in the coming months. Anytime we play that’s the dream right there! Just to continue being creative and making new music. The whole process is enjoyable for us.

You guys are in quite an amazing place these days with international tours and great albums, how has the band evolved over time to maintain that growth?
you know how they say happy wife, happy life. Well I’ve got 3 beautiful wives in this band and we practice and work hard at what we do. Every time we do anything whether it’s an album or a show, we are always searching to better ourselves for next time. The longevity of this band has always been put in the effort you see results so as long as we keep seeing improvement in ourselves and each other we will continue.

Your latest release ‘Loveshine’ was released last year, how has the album been received so far?
Great! It was our first vinyl release and sold out quite quickly. We had fantastic radio success with the tracks and one hell of a time playing them live.

Are you guys in the process of creating new music yet? If so, when can everyone expect to hear it?
We’ve been writing new music over the past 2 months as well as gearing up for another tour. I’m not sure an exact release date as of yet but we will be in the studio by mid-March putting some sick rock n roll love magic down.

Where can everyone find Midnight Alibi on social media?
You can find Midnight Alibi on all your favourite social media platforms listed below:

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