Stay the F&%k at Home!

Written by on 29 March 2020

There is a lot of change on social media these days with everyone forced to operate out of their lounge-rooms, garage studios or even driveways!

With Scomo telling us all we are grounded in a way that makes me feel like I just snuck out at night and got yelled at by my dad for doing so. The big message is clear… STAY THE FUCK AT HOME!

So enter… Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin

Chris is a Stand Up Comedian, MC, Singer/Songwriter entrapped in the island fortress of good beer, chocolate and tiny yellow ants that have a habit of killing you… Add th that, the threat of an invisible virus killing thousands around the world and all of a sudden, Chris decided to write a small poem to remind people the outside WILL kill you…

This was only a few days ago and since releasing his live video online, it has been viewed over 860K times all around the world and shared by nearly 30K people! It has become so popular, there are artists and producers making their own song versions of the poem!

One of the producer/songwriters was Robert Emmett Kelly who did a version that has surpassed one million views on YouTube!

“I haven’t seen numbers like this since Bloke came out exactly twenty years ago!” said Chris.

Robert Emmett Kelly

“At first I was a bit disappointed that versions were coming out when I had planned to release one myself, but the artist have all acknowledged me in their clips as their writer which is nice. There is a young fella in the UK doing an acoustic guitar version and Robert in America who has arranged the music beautifully. We have since met on Facebook and chatted for most of the day. He is a great bloke and sings it much better than I ever could have. I have also been approached by a musician in Puerta Rico who was chasing the lyrics for a version he is doing as well as a bloke in Georgia (the country, not the U.S. state) so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.” Says Chris.

Chris Franklin is well known not only for his stand-up comedy but also for his two time, ARIA nominated, Platinum selling track “Bloke” which was a send up of Meredith Brooks’ song “Bitch”.

“Since the poem took off, I reached out to a few mates, who reached out to a few mates and now we have an Aussie super group recording the song, all individually and all from their own homes.”

“On vocals we have Dave Gleeson, Angry Anderson, Greg Weir (Hype Duo), Danny Marx Young (Frankies Pizza’s famous House Band), Murray Cook (the original red Wiggle), Kevin Bloody Wilson, Dave Larkin (Dallas Crane), Kevin Borich and myself. On bass we have Mark Evans (ex ACDC, currently with Rose Tattoo) and Chris Gilbert (Kevin Borich Express). On drums we have Adam Petretti (Killing Heidi) and Jon Carson (Kevin Borich Express). On keys we have Michael ‘China’ Walker (John Paul Young All Star Band). On electric guitar we have Rick Brewster (The Angels), Mick Kelly & Greg Weir (Hype Duo), Kevin Borich, Dave Larkin (Dallas Crane). Acoustic Guitar Kevin Bloody Wilson. Spanish guitar George Smilovichi. Harmonica Simon Palomares (Acropolis Now). Mandolin Stef Torok and Bob Spencer (Skyhooks, Angels, Rose Tattoo).”

Rumour has it there may be more than listed but Chris is being tight lipped on that one. All we know is the song will hopefully be mixed and out by early this week.

Check out Chris Franklin HERE

Stay tuned for updates on Atomic!

Article By: Joel Sulman

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