Written by on 12 January 2020

The Regina’s Cabaret performance: EDLMAYR

Atomic sat down recently to chat with The Reginas Emily Weaver and Coralie Schell. Last month’s punk-inspired cabaret show, EDLMAYR which was held at the HotHouse Theatre was the pairs brainchild. Here’s how the quirky upbeat performers went under interview….

Tell us what’s special about the Reginas?

Coralie: We represent [laughs] we’re feminist. Passionate about music, social justice, breaking down the patriarchy and women being a part of the club!

Emily: We’ve branched into theatre which is special, it’s allowed us to explore themes beyond songs. We have originals too. Recorded by Mung Balding in Melbourne which was great fun. We recorded eleven songs in fourteen hours straight.

That’s incredible, what’s the name of that album?

Emily: We don’t know..

Coralie: It’s like having a baby you haven’t named yet.

Emily: This is also why we’re special.. (laughs!)

Has the album been released yet?

Coralie: Not yet. We want to release it on cassette.

Wow… Tell us about your show EDLMAYR?

Emily: We scored CELSIUS funding to refine our performance under the Independent Theatre program. It was such an amazing day for us. It’s a pretty big deal!

That’s amazing, what were you doing in the lead up to that?

Emily: We were doing pub gigs, writing songs, we dropped our band of four down to two because we thought we work well together. We wrote punk and funk, we knew we needed a drummer, so Kevin slotted into that.

Coralie: We didn’t want to do covers or be a glorified jukebox. We want to be performers of the songs that we write with our heart and soul. Our genre is quite diverse. It makes for good theatre. Later we might go into punk and then we will look at other places to play.

So, what will Regina’s be doing after EDLMAYR wraps up?

Emily: Burning down the patriarchy!

Coralie: We hope to take the show on the road. Melbourne, Canberra, Woolongong. Maybe we will write some more punk music. Maybe we will play in Albury!

If you missed out on the Regina’s incredible EDLMAYR show, it sounds like you’ll be able to catch the lasses rocking it out at pubs and clubs around the twin-cities in 2020. Keep your ears to the ground!

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