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Jade Gibson is making an appearance in regional NSW off the back of her latest single release 23 Dryburgh Street which peaked all the way at number 1 on the iTunes country music charts! Jade caught up with our radio host Mel Naismith at the Atomic studios earlier this month. Asked about her posse, Jade […]

While a lot of attention was on Johnny O’Keefe and his high energy songs and performances in the late 1950’s, there was another Australian doing well on the charts and his stage name was Col Joye. Colin Fredrick Jacobsen was born on April 13 1937 in Sydney and his post school life began as a […]

DeeP e.m (pronounced; DPM) burst onto the scene in 2020 with the release of his debut single ‘Expand’, as it turns out this single release would be the prequel to an entire E.P. set to be released in Autumn 2021. ‘Expand’ ascended into the top twenty on the weekly charts, and now DeeP e.m is […]

In one of the most ground-breaking announcements in the history of the project, Atomic is changing the way it prioritizes content, giving space on its platform over to Independent Australian artists. In a bold move accelerated by a recent audience survey, the decision will give more power to artists to decide which news, new music […]

Newcastle’s Post Truth are today announcing their new album, “Responses to Trauma” on Friday November 13th through Resist Records (Parkway Drive, Polaris). Today, they reveal the first taste of the album, a rumbling assault on the senses entitled “Drowning in Thunder”. The album can be pre-ordered now at Post Truth’s new record, Responses to Trauma, conceptualises a […]

How often do you judge a book by its cover? Books aren’t just made to be looked at, they can bring great joy if you sit down and take the time to read them. We are judgemental by nature and it’s natural to judge immediately what’s been put in front of you.   Within 5 – […]

So during the course of the Hundred, we aren’t officially releasing the charts… BUT… That wouldn’t be fair for all the artists that have released in recent times… SO… Here it is 🙂 The Atomic Countdown for Tuesday, 20th of October 🙂 Make Sure you Tune into the Atomic Hundred on November 15th!

Hey, Josh here from the Atomic Countdown. I guess it is a kind of a tradition now this time of year that I swap my mic for a keyboard and give you the state of play and the lowdown in regards to our latest iteration of the Atomic One Hundred, The Most “Radio-Active” hits of […]

The Atomic Stream Space Showdown came to its final conclusion on the 15th of October with the grand final being played out via our Instagram Page (@atomicmusicaus) but how did the participating artist’s manage to get there and who won? Well, you’re going to have to read on and find out who came out on […]

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