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Video Hits was on Channel Ten from 1987 until 2011 becoming an iconic music show on Australian TV.

This story is about the show and how enjoyable it was to watch it.

Sabrina Lawrie is releasing the music video for the just-released adrenaline-pumping rock single ‘Dreamstate’ (released January 8) To back up the fiery and passionate track, the accompanying music video feeds into the menacing attitude that Lawrie exudes.  Aligning with the meaning behind the track which explores human impulse and the magic behind sexuality, the music video is a psychedelic […]

Right off the back of his debut single released at the beginning of December, Burning Jacobs Ladder (the moniker for Jake Johnson) is kicking up the dust again with another wild-west, psych-rock track, ‘Seventh Fever Of The Mind’ (Out January 15). His previous single, ‘Danger In Me’ was a fuzz-driven, high-gained track that showcased Johnson’s self-produced talents as he not […]

Atomic Music, in partnership with Murray Arts and Create NSW are stoked to announce the first annual “Regional Originals” music festival! Amongst a growing list of cancelled festivals all around Australia, the Regional Originals Music Festival is a unique design festival aimed at being both CoVID safe and packed with Australian, Rural & Regional Original […]

NICOLAS CAGE FIGHTER, Australia’s best-named heavy band, have not begun 2021 with any of that ‘New Year, New Me’ rubbish, they have simply got down to business doing what they do best – release heavy as hell music! They have announced that their EP ‘Cast You Out’ will be released on Friday February 5th 2021. […]

John Paul Young showed just how powerful Countdown was when he went on a hit making spree in the 1970’s.

Mel: Welcome to Atomic Radio Australia, you’re listening to Mel here and I’ve got James McArthur from Catseye Parish on the phone. How are you going to James? James: I’m well Mel how are you? Mel: I’m very well, I know I’ve pulled you out of bed for this but it’s an important interview because […]

Billy Birmingham was famous as The Twelfth Man for over two decades and in 1992 he topped the charts with “Marvellous!”

Calling all artists… Y’all like money?!? Asking because we’ve got an original music festival of shows launching next month in February and we need ARTISTS on the bill for paid spots! To throw your hat in the ring drop, your artist/band name in the comments below (Or tag your favorite rural/regional artists below) and we […]

Crazy chart actions this week… Mary Roll jumped 10 spots this week to join the top 10, DPM broke down the wall from #9 and jumped back up to #2, Mariah K’s song about her home land moved up 3 spots Ms. Elly still holds strong with her whole discography in the charts for the […]

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