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Frank James is unveiling his new music video to pair with his just-released single ‘Friday’ that boasts cool volume swelling electric-guitars and mellow, island vibing melodies – watch here. This laid-back, feel-good track that oozes that Frank James persona has already received support from Double J, theMusic, AAA Backstage, Aus Music Scene, Atomic Music and more. Despite it’s upbeat “live for the day” energy, the track is […]

It’s been a year… A year of frustration, confusion, change, gains and losses… A lot of people got hurt this year as the entire Australian music industry went into shutdown because of the global pandemic we call the Rona’ Being the resilient musicians that we are, we moved to online methods of delivering our craft […]

Today’s music story is a little different because we get to talk about not one band but two, two bands who had successful careers, reached iconic status and both had something else in common. The first band, The Loved Ones were formed in Melbourne in October 1965 with Gerry Humphrys on vocals and playing harmonica, […]

Just a quick one from our team to yours to say, Merry Christmas! Stay safe, stay hydrated and enjoy a day off with your family, friends or whoever you are vibing with today. We hope the fat man supplied you with ample equipment to support your rock star ways in 2021 🙂

“Have you ever heard of a Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes?” When a guy asked me this I was immediately fascinated by the analogy. I love analogies.  I was like “NO, but I love it, what does it mean? “ “Look it up.” He said. Reckless and full on. Dennis the Menace the girl version. […]

After returning to the #1 position shortly after the lemonade stand dried up, Toby Mobbs has had his short Moment at the top, but was quickly put back in his room this week by Wangaratta singer/songwriter, Chloe Jade! Better still… There is 5 new radium tracks in the charts with Chloe Jade going radium and […]

While the world was watching or avoiding the US Presidential Debate, news came through that music icon Helen Reddy had passed away. Helen Reddy was born in Melbourne on October 25 1941 to parents  Stella Campbell (née Lamond) and Maxwell David “Max” Reddy who were in the performing arts industry as singers, writers, producers and […]

Just in time for the summer, Sydney-based indie-rock artist Sam Marks is releasing his warming, upbeat, feel-good track ‘Eventide’ (out November 27).  Sam Marks has been writing and performing music for years. Marks has studied at Sydney Conservatorium of Music and performed in a number of bands over the years but he has just started his very own venture […]

Is it brave or reckless to quit a job in the current climate we are in right now? Currently mental health is a massive priority and all the things swirling around are heightening circumstances considerably. I’m feeling very alone right now.  Theoretically I’m not.  But I still feel it. The lockdown has again triggered feelings […]

Let’s face it. 2020 sucked… But it doesn’t all have to suck! A while back, we put out a survey to all users of the Atomic Network asking for your input on how we could better deliver our services to the masses. We had an unprecedented response to this survey and one of the key […]

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