Author: Ryan Stevenson

Coming up on April 23 is the 50th Anniversary of the first episode of Young Talent Time.

Five albums, Five No. 1’s that’s how popular Silverchair have been in Australia.

So many hits, so many achievements and you can read all about them here.

Colleen Hewett has done everything from Music to TV to Theatre and in the early 70’s she was Australia’s top female artist.

CDB grooved their way to No. 2 with “Let’s Groove” but there is a lot more to their story than one massive hit.

Those who are in their mid 30’s probably remember The Mavis’s hit “Cry” and hopefully this story will remind you of their other five charting songs and more.

Write about five Skyhooks songs, it should be easy but it is not, what to put down? what to leave out? join me as you discover which ones I went for.

Lionel Rose was a family man, a terrific boxer, a good business man and he was also a singing star.

Video Hits was on Channel Ten from 1987 until 2011 becoming an iconic music show on Australian TV.

This story is about the show and how enjoyable it was to watch it.

John Paul Young showed just how powerful Countdown was when he went on a hit making spree in the 1970’s.

Billy Birmingham was famous as The Twelfth Man for over two decades and in 1992 he topped the charts with “Marvellous!”

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