Announcing An Extremely Rare Run of Atomic100 Merchandise..

Written by on 23 January 2024

Over the years we’ve become renowned amongst our supporters for supplying very premium quality merchandise.

Our philosophy, as with everything we do, is to deliver more than we charge.

It’s been a number of years since we’ve released any new branded merchandise lines.

While we discontinued our Est. 2017 t-shirts, hoodies and snow beanies many years ago.. More and more frequently these days we’re being asked when we’re going to release new merch?

As the old stock starts to fray and wear with daily use, distressed Atomic fans are growing agitated as they can’t source similarly priced clothing of an equivalent quality – if at all!

This is a golden opportunity to add the quality crew neck t-shirt you’ve been craving to your wardrobe basics.

Crew Neck Tee by AS Colour

We’re using the same quality partners that supplied our previous stock lines to bring you the all new Atomic100-themed Crew Neck Tee.

The t-shirts, coming in both men’s and women’s sizes, feature a large chest graphic of our re-branded Atomic100 logo.

Across the back of the shirts features a comprehensive list of all one hundred artists + song names of the tracks in this years Atomic100.

The tees will be open for pre-orders until the 31st of January. On the 31st of January we will close pre-orders and that will be it!

So, if you’re deliberating whether you have the money after Christmas, or your nans birthday is coming up – you have just one week to lock this in!

We won’t be issuing a second run of this merch, but if popular demand proves real, we may very well be announcing new merch lines in the future.

Atomic100 Tees Are Selling for $55 including postage, and can only be ordered via this link in our Facebook/Instagram bio, until 31st January.

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