Atomic goes NATIONAL!

Written by on 22 March 2020

Starting out as an idea in the bedroom of Managing Director, Max Bruckmann’s house, Atomic has grown from strength to strength over the last 5 years with a strong focus on one simple thing…. Music.

Atomic got serious in 2019 officially forming as the company ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd with a team of hard-working and dedicated team members and took a massive leap in the way of what it can deliver on its network.

From the humble beginnings of a weekly Community Radio chart countdown to a large network of media services and opportunities for up and coming musicians, Atomic is about to spread its wings and take a giant step in the direction of… Well… Everywhere!

Atomic has predominantly been an Albury/Wodonga and surrounds based music platform with the majority of its talent and content sourced on the thriving original music scene in the area but with so many good artists in Australia re-posting some of our content with comments like “Wish we had something like this here”… We couldn’t help but listen.

So with that…

The team at Atomic are excited to announce that we are shifting our focus and service delivery to help push artists based in areas all around Australia with a strong focus on the thriving music scenes that exist within its Rural and Regional towns.

Tying in with a large number of Australian promoters, publishers and marketing teams as well as our ever growing team at Atomic, we are determined to make Atomic the fastest growing Rural and Regional music network in Australia!

We know there are plenty of services like us out there BUT not all have what we have to offer in one central location with the simple method to get involved that we do…

Simply…. Create a profile on our stream space and upload your tracks! We take it from there!

With all that is going on in the world surrounding CoVID-19, We want to avoid being another news service talking about our theories on what is going on… It’s best we just leave that to the health professionals!

we are however pushing a strong focus on our online platforms that have been developed over the last 12 months including our MagSpace, StreamSpace and recently launched Atomic Radio! This in order to provide a positive experience to our users during this time where the majority of us are stuck at home waiting!

In partnership with myTuner Radio and Papyrus Networks, We are delivering more programs in early April including Albury’s own “Mixed Lolly Bag” show along side the Atomic Countdown, Atomic Hundred and a large number of other show’s yet to be announced!

As our Atomic Magazine (print version) has been predominately focused on the local area of Albury/Wodonga, we need some time to hit the drawing board and re-design the project a little so the March Edition just released, will be our final print copy for a while. Watch this space though… This isn’t the end for the Atomic Mag!

Our Current Broadcast Station Network Partners

We are proud and incredibly passionate of the original music that comes out of Australia and far too many times we are seeing artists pushed aside by agencies, promoters, labels or sometimes even their own local community for artists based in metro areas. We are hoping with this expansion, artists will gain opportunities to expand their careers and we see a big influx of new music from smaller unheard of area’s in Australia’s Music Scene.

We hope with this change, we bring you all MORE music, MORE musicians and much MORE excitement!

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