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The Atomic 100 of 2024 first aired in January on Atomic Radio, filled to the brim with incredible independent Australian talent. Capturing the highest ever digital station listener count. It has since been rebroadcast to 21 radio stations all over the country. The official number one song of the year was No Feels by Wollongong […]

One of the most exciting events on the Atomic calendar all year ended in dramatic fashion on Friday night. Super hit-maker Mariah K, from Crookwell in NSW, ousted Albury singer/songwriter Toby Mobbs from the top spot. This happened, after the later secured a six song rampage in the top ten. The final reveal of the […]

This Summer, all across the wide brown land, the Atomic music charts will be reaching the ears of new listeners. x4 new FM stations have partnered with Atomic to deliver the Top Twenty charting artists, being heard for the first time in QLD, WA and Sydney. Sweeping across Flinders Bay in WA’s Southwestern-most tip, local […]

The Australian music industry has become a different place over the past 18 months. Restrictions on gatherings of people in establishments and at events have precipitated an unprecedented hardship on musicians, promoters, venues, technicians and a population starved of cultural events. From the onset of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic to now, we have managed to pivot […]

The one hundred most radio-active tunes from across the Atomic network returns this year on a familiar date, the first week of November. Touted as a celebration of regional Australian, independent artists, the programming will be broadcast to 15 FM stations across Australia for five consecutive weeks. Starting from November the 2nd, the first twenty […]

The first major scheduling change is being made to the Atomic Radio roster since the launch of Atomic Radio in 2019. The key highlights of the change include TWICE DAILY broadcasts of the award-winning top-twenty radio program – The Atomic Countdown! Key Points: Guaranteed airplay for all music uploaded to Atomics streaming service Re-broadcast of […]

Atomic Radio welcomes Mel Naismith this week as the new host of the Atomic Countdown. The rural and regional artists top-20 countdown had been hosted for the better part of three years by Josh Groch, who announced his departure last month. This latest development will see Mel Naismith announcing to up to a million regional […]

We have been hiding a huge secret from you all and it’s time to fess up… To put this in short, ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd, which was the parent company for Atomic Music was acquired by Brookehill Pty Ltd for an undisclosed figure and with this, Directors; Joshua Groch, Tyson Marcus and Joel Sulman are […]

“Hashtag Sad Boi News” coming direct from virtual HQ… Last night, Josh Groch announced at the conclusion of the Atomic Countdown that it would be his last show on air. For nearly 3 years now, Josh has been reading the top 20 countdown of Rural and Regional Australian ORIGINAL music to you on radio stations […]

Mariah K has been dominating the rural/regional Australian music scene for the past two weeks with her smash hit ‘Right About That’, off the artists album ‘Journey’. It’s not just the “literal chills” that the Crookwell artist’s song incites that are giving us anxiety though.. It’s the fact that Mariah K is staunch about listing her single […]

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