Stream Space Showdown!! The Top 8.

Written by on 8 October 2020

It is that time of the week once again. It’s Stream Space Showdown time and man oh man has this one been highly anticipated. The Stream Space Showdown has reached its 8th week and has seen the 64 most popular artists from the Atomic Stream Space go head to head in the friendly social media competition. Last week was the week of the underdog as major players fell and the underrated rise with heavy hitters like Elk and DieFM having battled their way to the Top 8, will they find themselves in the semi-finals?? Read on to find out…

First Showdown of the week saw Hip-Hop artists Schade and CJ go head to head in the highly anticipated match up. CJ had come into the Showdown as a bit of an underdog with very little weekly charting compared to some of his counterparts but managed to rally his Instagram trops in the earlier rounds beating well established artists including Flam and Visioneer. Schade (previously known as lilbrvd) also had a challenging journey through the earlier rounds as a relative underdog including a major upset by the slimest of margins against 2019 Top 100 winner Chris Miller. Now, for the final results…. It was close, Bloody Close.

Schade v CJ

We had to dig into the insights to get to the bottom of this one. With CJ and Schade back and forthing over the course of 24 hours it was CJ who ultimately come through with a final vote tally of 290 to Schade’s almost equally impressive tally of 286. The victory by CJ means he continues his impressive run through to the Semi Finals of the Stream Space Showdown.

Match up two of this week’s Stream Space Showdown saw 2018 Top 100 winners Elk go head to head with Wodonga producer Green Walls. The Instagram back and forth between these two artists was humourous to say the least with the pair bantering back and the announcement that Green Walls was becoming the official Elk meme page during the 24 hour voting period.

The birth of a meme page.

It wasn’t all memes and roses for Elk though with Green Walls managing to edge his way through to the Top 8 by the skin of his teeth taking down the ex hundred winners 54-46

Green Walls v Elk

The suspense has been eating away at some of these artists in the last couple of days before publishing and one of the following defiantly fit into that category. Regional Victorian vocalist Jordyn Briggs slipped into this category after facing off with the high quality metal act which is DieFM. DieFM managed to go six weeks in a row earlier in the year in the weekly countdown but were ultimately no match for Jordsi in the end finishing at the 24 hour mark with only 34% of the votes verses Jordsi’s 66% who booked herself a spot in the semi final’s after successfully engaging her Instagram fans.

DIEFM v Jordsi

The final match-up of week 8 continued the trend of close results after these two Stream Space Heavyweights faced off in the Top 8. Lismore Punk band Human Dinosaur Machine faced a “heavy” adversary in their latest match-up going face to face with Metal artist Without Belief. Without Belief’s debut EP managed to have multiple tracks feature throughout the weekly countdown during the year including their hit single “Denial” which featured prominate Australia Metal vocalist Lizi Blanco. In the end the crew from Lismore snuck over the line making them the only regional NSW representative making it into the semi finals of the Stream Space Showdown.

HDM v Without Belief

There you have it the long awaited and anticipated results of week 8 of the Stream Space Showdown. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@atomicmusicaus) to make sure you don’t miss out on voting in the semi finals of Atomics friendly social media compitieiton.

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