New Hit: Break Down Your Wall

Written by on 26 October 2020

DeeP e.m (pronounced; DPM) burst onto the scene in 2020 with the release of his debut single ‘Expand’, as it turns out this single release would be the prequel to an entire E.P. set to be released in Autumn 2021. ‘Expand’ ascended into the top twenty on the weekly charts, and now DeeP e.m is back with a brand new song titled, ‘Break Down Your Wall’. Written 12 months ago, lead singer DeeP e.m, Darren Maddock joined Max Bruckmann on Atomic digital radio to talk about the new song.

Darren recently made a departure from playing covers for years and has returned to song writing, where he first began in the early 90’s. “I’ve been writing songs for 25 years but in the last 12 months I’ve written about 40 songs. And in the last 25 years I’d written about 20 songs.” The move towards becoming a prolific songwriter has been spurred by what Darren described as a ‘joy’ in being able to offload ideas and talk to people directly through music.

“The main drive there was actually coming across the iHeart songwriting club. I jumped in with them, a group of songwriters and pretty much away we went. Writing a song a week in about an hour and getting loads of feedback from awesome songwriters from all around the world actually”.

Asked about the trying period in which he wrote the bulk of his songs, characterized by the bushfires and compounded upon by the pandemic, Darren’s message for audiences through his music is, “truth, a deeper emotion and subtle positivity”.

“I’m looking to get some special music out there as soon as I can that can maybe brighten some lives in 2020 and into the future”.

As well as having written music about the bushfires ‘Break Down Your Wall’ is written about “what people are striving for in life, what’s their heart into”, which in Darren’s own mind 2020 has awoken people, and it’s no longer about winning but about doing the best in life that you can. “If you need to break those walls down to be happy with second best or doing your best, that’s what I’m trying to say in this song”.

Not trying to play down winning Darren is hopeful for the accolade of a number one track on the charts. “It helps lift you and makes your work seem more worthwhile”, “It’s a nice buzz to be a part of, and at some point, I’ll get one [laughs]”.

DeeP e.m. will be releasing a music video to Break Down Your Wall which will be released on Darren Paul Maddock – Singer Songwriter on Facebook. As well as this, his outfit is going into the studio in November to record the remainder of the E.P. ‘Expand’ for its 2021 release. Expand is the title revolving around ‘expanding’, mind, happiness and soul. Make sure you follow the page and check out DeeP e.m.’s new alternative country/indie-funk single below.

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