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We caught up with award-winning, number one charting artist: Josef Bruckmann from Desertlife, to bring some brand new Exclusive content to our Patreon supporters. What has been the impact of the success of “I Like The Beatles” on you? Well, for a start it’s been really surprising and reassuring how local music can be so […]

Based out of Goulburn, still only 16 and inspired by artists such as Adele, Paramore and Jessie J, it is clear from her five singles to date that she is a woman on the cusp of commercial success. Isy Cappo has been bubbling under in the Australian music scene for the past two years and […]

We have been hiding a huge secret from you all and it’s time to fess up… To put this in short, ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd, which was the parent company for Atomic Music was acquired by Brookehill Pty Ltd for an undisclosed figure and with this, Directors; Joshua Groch, Tyson Marcus and Joel Sulman are […]

Day Trippers joined our host Josh G to talk about the Trippers their latest self-titled album and where they see themselves poppin’ on the scene over the coming year. Josh G: Welcome back to Atomic Radio Australia, broadcasting all across the Atomic radio network. Hey, I’m joined here by the Day Trippers, another Josh, I […]

DeeP e.m (pronounced; DPM) burst onto the scene in 2020 with the release of his debut single ‘Expand’, as it turns out this single release would be the prequel to an entire E.P. set to be released in Autumn 2021. ‘Expand’ ascended into the top twenty on the weekly charts, and now DeeP e.m is […]

In one of the most ground-breaking announcements in the history of the project, Atomic is changing the way it prioritizes content, giving space on its platform over to Independent Australian artists. In a bold move accelerated by a recent audience survey, the decision will give more power to artists to decide which news, new music […]

As of 22/04/2020 all audio artworks sold on the Atomic Stream.Space will automatically apply a benchmark pricing point of $2.50. This move reflects our belief in the inherent value of the artistic creations retailed on our site. The move will also ensure coverage of the transaction costs associated with selling items through PayPal settlements. Previously […]

The Atomic Countdown has been running for over a year now and we have had plenty of artists smash our charts to pieces with number 1 hits BUT very few have made this very select club… We call them the 6er’s. A group of artists that have sat at the top of the Atomic Countdown […]

How many musicians do you see complaining about how hard it is to be a musician? Diving deeper, how many musicians do you see complaining about how they don’t make any money off their music anymore with special thanks to streaming services… Cast yourself back to pre 1994 (or google it if you were too […]

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