New South Wales Greek Darling, Mariah K Chats to Atomic

Written by on 2 February 2022

Mariah K has led a mega couple of years on the Australian music scene. Releasing her debut, ethnic-themed single “Elada” to a stellar chart performance, Mariah K went on to drop hit after hit after hit. After releasing her latest single titled, “4.00A.M.” Mariah has pressed tantalizingly close to another number 1, piling as high as number 2, and holding its own in the Top Twenty for eight consecutive weeks this Summer!

“Take It Slow” was Mariah’s most commercially successful single and achieved a Certified Plutonium status. She described the experience as a ‘rewarding and memorable moment’.

“[Going Plutonium] has given me a real ‘boost’ in helping me grow as an artist,” the artist told Atomic in behind-the-stage interview, “hard work sure does pay off when you put your mind to it.”

Mariah’s journey in music has not been without it’s setbacks, some of the challenges she describes includes balancing her time between working in her families café and finding the time to head into the studio and record. Making everything work during Covid and lockdowns has been especially hard.

Originating from Crookwell in the NSW Tablelands Mariah K’s music has found breadth on the Australian airwaves. Asked about the impact of her radio success across the continent, Mariah gave a rather humble answer, “Being from a small country town, I used to find that it would be hard to get your name out there. But this platform has really impacted me and helped me grow as an artist”.

“A lot of the time, after work, I would write and record my demos in the garage, where I’ve set up all my equipment, or on my lunch breaks I’d go to the studio,” she said. In good spirits she described how this time spent working on demo’s was often like therapy in the face the struggle. Helping her to relax and wind down after long days at work.

While now no doubt influential on many, Mariah has drawn her own influences from a pool of popular artists including Justin Bieber.

“He had a dream to be a singer/songwriter and performer. He basically started from scratch, busking, uploading songs to YouTube. From there he was picked up by someone. Watching him grow as an artist, has inspired myself to be the best I can be and to follow his footsteps.”

Among other inspirations Mariah K singles out her own producer and owner of ‘Old Binda Road Studios, Steve Lindsay. “Without him I wouldn’t have released any of the songs I have done today”, she states, placing emphasis on the massive assistance as a mentor and music co-developer he has played for a number of years.

And what of Mariah’s advice for her past self?

“Follow your dreams, don’t look too much into the future”.

Mariah’s single “4.00a.m.” can be streamed for free on Atomic.

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