Jordsi – coulda

Written by on 14 October 2022

Radium Certified on the 9th June, 2022.

#Rock #poppunk #Pop #Punk #poprock

A classic pop-punk breakup track desired to display another side of Jordsi’s musical interests and further spread her wings as an independent artist.

The foretaste of just how great this song begins in the very first second you press play. Cheeky guitars pluck your anticipation right into Jordsi’s beatific crooning, right before she slams down her attitude from the very first verse.

The songs use of cultured expletives works primarily to emphasize the heavy emotional toll exacted by it’s subject matter.

Therefore it’s a big fat pass from our editors. But we’ll make sure we duck the volume before it goes out for broadcast!

Artist Profile: Jordsi

Song: coulda

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