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Radium Certified on the 19th March, 2023. #blues #rock #Awabakal #Coastline #Newcastle Steps of a Black Man was written by Steve after going on a field excursion to the Awabakal Nature Reserve in the Dudley/Redhead area. Redhead Lagoon and the sea cliffs have quite large middens left by the indigenous inhabitants indicating ‘banquets’ of shellfish […]

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022. #rock #indie #Alternative Our newest track! A fun tune with a catchy chorus, give it a listen!! Infamously described as “Deep, Dark.. Dope”, “Welcome To The War” has etched out a name as one of the defining tracks of 2022. Sounding the undeniable return of Mary Roll into […]

Radium Certified on the 19th September, 2021. #Feelgood #Pleaseand thankyou #Chill A feel good tune that narrates the values that are passed down throughout childhood and how they should be carried with you wherever your journey leads. Recorded and produced by David Wilson This Wangaratta based pop-folk singer songwriter trained in classical violin stole our […]

Radium Certified on the 1st August, 2021. #The Jazz Kings #smooth jazz #popular jazz #jazz The Jazz Kings – vocals Nicole Parker-Brown, Peter Uppman (vocals and trumpet), Gordon Matheson (guitar), John Conley (guitar), Colin Atkinson (vocals and bass), Richard Goldner (drums) and guest Matt Brown (percussion). The Gold Coasts Jazz Kings are one of the […]

Radium Certified on the 2nd October, 2021. #Rap No. 21 in last years Atomic Hundred, Kaymaan is now being recognised for the Radium Certification of his single “Know Me”. Flaunting hip hop beats and lyrical style that’s reminescent of Fetty Wap, Kaymaan nails his flows on this killer tune with dreamy melodies. For lovers of […]

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022. #Me & You/Bermingham Ave #Daniel Tooze #Singer/Songwriter #Family Record Label: Tooze Company Productions Daniel Tooze brings out the big guns; family members Oscar, Charlie & Jacinta. The song lives up to all the fabulous family-sung ditty of fame. One can just imagine the Tooze’s rehearsing Kumbaya around the […]

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022. #indier #blues pop #Pop #poprnb #altpop Leap frogging off the recent success of her [MTV approved] Radium Certified single, “Name Pop Up”; brings this new alternative blues pop charter. Never Have I Ever invokes sweet memories of the Uni drinking game. Never have I ever heard a song so well suited […]

Radium Certified on the 15th April, 2022. #indierock Gourmet Mouse Trap has been making waves across Australia from home base in Newcastle. “Remarkable” is a catchy, feel good indie rock track that earned a Radium certification in the first half of 2022. It’s not the artists only Nuclear Certification either, with his recent single “Big […]

Radium Certified on the 22nd October, 2022. #Rock #blues rock #regional Debut single from Raptor County. How much did they pay you to lie to me? For the lies you breath? Was is worth it? These and more are just some of the poetic words penned in the process of composing this debut single from […]

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022. #indie rock #rock #pop ‘Bohemian Driftwood’ is a party aftermath anthem. Nascent are touring with Simple Stone this spring through to summer. TOUR DATES: https://linktr.ee/nascentband Elequent compositional combinations, fashionable hook conventions, peculiarly distinct lexicons. Nascent has created one of those songs that’s so catchy in it’s complexity that […]

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