Rising Australian Artist Chloe Jade Takes Over the Charts with Latest Release

Written by on 22 February 2023

“Taking Over” by Australian artist Chloe Jade is currently charting at number 3 on Atomic’s national FM broadcast program. This heartfelt and personal track was inspired by experiences caring for a friend with terminal cancer, and showcases Chloe’s unique blend of musical influences.

Chloe Jade’s passion for music and fascination with melody led her to pursue a career in the industry. While she currently works as a music teacher to support her family, she decided to upload a demo of “In My Room” to Atomic in 2020 and focus on her own material. The creative process for her latest release “Taking Over” was inspired by experiences caring for a friend with terminal cancer.

Motherhood has influenced Chloe’s music and songwriting by adding more play and dedication to her writing. She plans to release a couple of singles over the coming months and encourages her fans to keep an eye on her social media.

Growing up, Chloe was inspired by musical greats like Kate Bush, Cat Stevens, and Dire Straits, and developed a love for metal as a teenager. She also studied classical repertoire on her violin and cites John Mayer as a catalyst for discovering the blues and artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Chloe’s unique blend of musical influences and personal experiences have contributed to her rising success, currently charting at number 3 on Atomic Music’s national FM broadcast program “The Top Twenty”. With new music on the horizon, fans can expect to hear more from this talented Australian artist in the future.

Fans can stream “Taking Over” and other tracks by Chloe Jade on Atomic’s website, and stay tuned for more new music from this rising artist in the near future.

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