2020… A reflection so far…

Written by on 19 July 2020

Love it or hate it, 2020 is a year that has encompassed mass change that has caused positive and negative outcomes for everyone in the world.

For me… My entire professional life was flipped upside down and I have made a change to my life that has put me in control of my future and I have grabbed this opportunity by the balls and created something that I will be able to grow in. 

Without CoVID hitting, this opportunity would have never existed…

BUT… I have lost a job in the process creating a short area of financial concern, lived through smoke that was choking me, had a few health problems show their ugly head and lost a few friends along the way… No gigs, no pubs, no nightlife, no gig photography…. The list is endless plus it’s only July… So who knows what this strange year is brewing up next…

I guess what I am saying is, if you look at it from the angle of “F%&k This Year”, you will put yourself in a negative headspace that breeds negativity around you. You could complain about losing your job OR you could be thankful that the job you struggled to love is not no-longer yours and you have been given an opportunity to change up your world…

You could look at the fear mongering that media is feeding you about the almighty Rona’ and hide like we all did from terrorism in 2001 OR you could realise that if you follow the steps in place, there is still a lot of cool things you could be doing with your life while we wait for change and restrictions to rise.

A positive mind set is what will get your through this year. Look at every major change as an opportunity to change an aspect of life that wasn’t working for you. It’s going to be a challenge because that is the nature of change BUT …change… …develops… …clarity… Not only in your views on life but what direction you are taking. It clears out the hate in your mind and allows you to grow as a human.

In a music dialog… Think about this…

Until at least 2021, Australia is not going to have any international artists which means events are only going to be sourcing Australian artists. All those major festivals are ripe for the picking and it is a major opportunity to remind the Australian punter that Aussie music is here and F&%king amazing!

If you are on your facebook spitting bullsh%t about how hard you have it, just think for a second about EVERYONE else… We are all going through crap in our lives and your crap unfortunately will never mean more to anyone than their own. By all means, reach out if you are struggling BUT don’t be that negative social media person… Instead of sharing the 600 posts a day about how much CoVID is in your area, how hard it is to cross a border OR how sh%t our political system is, find something positive to post… Like this article? Or the latest track released on Atomic by Joel William Harrison? That is pretty positive 🙂

Find a way to spread positivity in your community (without spreading CoVID19 pls!)… Tell someone they are awesome, leave an extra coin in the machine at the laundromat, shout a random a coffee to a stranger and ask how their day was. Listen to what this world is gifting you ffs…

Anyway, that is my rant for the day… There is too much Shade in the world atm so I decided a positive shade was in order 🙂

Be kind you rad f&%kers

Shade Out

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