Well then… 2021 is here and well underway! Festivals are starting to pop up again, international acts are making appearances on announcements for next year, there is a masked group of people stabbing us all over the course of the next 12 months filling us with a CoVID Vaccine, giving us the possibility of getting […]

So here we go again… Another day, another hotspot for the virus we try here at Atomic so f#&king hard not to mention by name… But here we are… Music is off… Again… Borders are closed.. Again… Disruptions all around the country, no New Years celebrations, no partying with friends for a Friday frothy  around […]

It’s been a year… A year of frustration, confusion, change, gains and losses… A lot of people got hurt this year as the entire Australian music industry went into shutdown because of the global pandemic we call the Rona’ Being the resilient musicians that we are, we moved to online methods of delivering our craft […]

Lately, I have had quite a few people talk about how I don’t tend to stick with anything long-term in life. Like, I’ll start something, get the ball rolling, then move onto something else and let the original thing I was doing fade away as if it never happened. The only thing is, that “thing” […]

Have you ever had that feeling people are talking s&%t about you and all the hard work you do behind your back? Like no matter what achievement you make towards a common goal, or how hard you project your energies in a manner that helps out people for a greater good, someone is out there […]

When you take public money, a small pie with a large group of hungry musicians and a national radio network focused on delivering those musicians something to eat… You end up with a lot of grumpy people all around the country! Settle in you awesome f$*kers, we have pointed our kettle at Australia’s largest “youth” […]

Daniel Ek is the music industry’s most hated man at the moment… I think he is a visionary… Here is why…

I heard an interesting comment the other day that I want to unpack. “Why should I trust the words and advice of a person who hasn’t made it?” The music industry is filled with thousands upon thousands of artists that want to tell you how to succeed, offering up all sorts of advice on what […]

I hear this a lot floating around the traps… “Supporting local music“… “Support live music“… etc etc What is support anyway? How is it defined? What are you ACTUALLY doing to help musicians in the area grow in their respective careers? Perhaps the most frustrating thing is when a business says they support musicians as […]

When pushing your music out to the masses, you are bound to get some feedback online. Your mum tells you that you are a superstar, your dad says “Top job champ” and your best friend tells you they just heard the best thing since sliced bread… You get excited because you chanced your way to […]

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