The Road to the Hundred. – An Introduction

Written by on 20 October 2020

Hey, Josh here from the Atomic Countdown. I guess it is a kind of a tradition now this time of year that I swap my mic for a keyboard and give you the state of play and the lowdown in regards to our latest iteration of the Atomic One Hundred, The Most “Radio-Active” hits of the year. With that all being said this year I’ve decided to change it up a little bit by giving you I guess what you would call a mini-series of articles titled “The Road to the Hundred”. In these few upcoming articles, I’ll be diving into a few bits and bobs in regards to Atomic’s most prestigious crown by giving you a rundown of some of the past winners, most successful tracks and even the main players you should be watching come the 15th of November.

Not only that but I’ll be quizzing some of the team at Atomic HQ to try and get their honest thoughts on their top 5 tracks from the Atomic Stream Space this year. It’s going to be an exciting Atomic Hundred this year as we’ve seen more users and more artists from across Rural and Regional Australia sign up and release their music onto the Atomic Stream Space meaning we are in for the most diverse Atomic Hundred in history.

For the people who don’t know me, I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of calling the weekly Atomic Countdown and the Yearly Hundred for the better part of the last 3 years and man has it been a journey, we’ve played sooooo many fantastic tracks from Rural and Regional Australia as well as uncovering a lot of great Artists in that time by providing them access to our ever-growing radio and media network.

A slight format change

As I mentioned at the start of this article this year’s Atomic Hundred is going to be a little bit different from the last couple and ima tell you why that is and how it affects YOU. For the past two years, the Atomic Hundred was done in a similar format the Weekly Atomic Countdown by running you through twenty individual tracks from the Yearly Hundred each week for five consecutive weeks on the community radio network. How is this different this year? Well, it is but it isn’t different. Confusing right? The community radio network will still be broadcasting the Atomic Hundred in the exact same format as it has done for the past two years with your home boi Joshi G (Me) running you through the twenty tracks for that weeks top Hundred (ie. 100-81, 80-61, etc). So you can get a bit of a head start on all the results if you tune into you local participating community radio station except the Top Twenty. I know there is always a catch amiright.

Joshua Groch (Me) Getting ready for some Countdown Action in the Old Studio -2019

The main event will be the Atomic Hundred LIVE on Atomic Radio Australia on November 15th which will feature not just One Hundred of your favourite tracks but also the entire Atomic HQ crew who will be taking turns announcing the most “Radio-Active” hits that have directly been chosen by YOU this year from the Atomic Stream Space and I am super stoked to be sharing this awesome job with some of the amazing people from Atomic’s HQ.

So I implore you to save November 15th in the calendar and set your alarms for 10 AM cause myself and the entire Atomic HQ will be tickling your earholes with the beautiful sound of Atomic’s Top One Hundred the most “Radio-Active” hits LIVE from our very own digital radio station, Atomic Radio Australia.

Plus keep an eye out here on the Atomic Mag-Space for more updates on our journey along “The Road to the Hundred”

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