Written by on 3 August 2021

The Atomic community radio syndication network

The first major scheduling change is being made to the Atomic Radio roster since the launch of Atomic Radio in 2019. The key highlights of the change include TWICE DAILY broadcasts of the award-winning top-twenty radio program – The Atomic Countdown!

Key Points:

  • Guaranteed airplay for all music uploaded to Atomics streaming service
  • Re-broadcast of the top-twenty daily at both 5.00pm and 10.00pm
  • Cross-genre discovery for listeners at all hours every day

For the past several years Atomic Radio listeners have enjoyed genre-based scheduling, with shows like The Circle Pit, Josh’s Jimmy Jams and the Daytime Vibes playing predominant genre bases; such as metal, pop-punk and trending music from the independent Australian music crop. The new roster will replace the diversity of shows with a diverse schedule that emphasizes all music available through the Atomic music platform.

From this week, between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm and between 6.30pm and 10.00pm, Atomic Radio will broadcast all tunes from the Atomic streaming platform. Listeners can then tune in from either 5.00pm or 10.00pm, daily to listen the Atomic Countdown, hosted by Melanie Naismith. This will allow listeners to find one of two convenient listening times for the top-twenty countdown, the stations most popular and award-winning, music program that features most trending songs from the streaming platform.

One of the key appeals of Atomic Radio is to ensure a guaranteed radio play policy for all indie Aussie artists who upload their tracks to Atomics on demand streaming platform. The platform now receives hundreds of track uploads from an area covering Eastern Victoria and New South Wales broadcast zones. The updated radio schedule allows more time to broadcast this large amount of music and includes explicit language programming from midnight to 4.00am. This ensures the commitment to guarantee airplay can be met, for rural and regional Australian artists.

The radio schedule changes began in June with the replacement of Atomic Countdown host, and founding member of Atomic Media, Joshua Groch who stepped down in May. Melanie Naismith became the new Countdown host, replacing Josh who had been the host since 2018. Now, almost a month after the acquisition, this major rescheduling of the Atomic radio roster has commenced.

The changes coincide with the change of ownership of Atomic Music after Brookehill acquired the project in June. The new ownership has guided action to introduce a simplify a radio roster that emphasizes the flagship and award-winning music charts program and to ensure a diverse range of genres are broadcast to listeners at all times, including the guarantee of radio airplay for all music uploaded via the Atomic streaming platform.

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