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Sunnyboys were named after the ice block that was popular through the 1980’s and 1990’s especially during a long, hot Australian summer. They released two EP’s with the record label Phantom and they were called Sunnyboys and Sunnyboys remixed, it was during this time they released a version of ‘Alone with You’. The band were […]

Between 1966 and 1972, Bands from across Australia competed for the right to represent their state in the Grand Final of the Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds competition. Hoadley’s were the sponsors of the competition and the company was well known for the Violet Crumble. The winners received a prize of a full return passage […]

Music was changing around the world in the mid 1950’s when Johnny O’Keefe first came to the attention of Australians. He was regarded as an average singer who was so full of energy that he was loved by the masses and his band The Dee Jays were perhaps the best band in Australia at the […]

The Party Boys were an Australian band with a difference, they were a supergroup that featured many national and international stars and they had recorded more live albums than studio albums. The band was started by Mondo Rock guitarist Paul Christie along with Kevin Borich in 1982 and joining them were James Reyne, Graham Bidstrup […]

Rick Springfield came to the attention of Australians when he played with the band Zoot in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Zoot was formed in 1964 as ‘Times Unlimited’ and then became ‘Down the Line’ until becoming Zoot in 1967. The band gained attention for their music and for dressing up in pink (Think […]

The United Kingdom in the 1990’s had the Spice Girls while over in Australia we had Girlfriend. Both groups had five members and it could be said that both groups did not last very long in the studio with the Spice Girls making three albums and Girlfriend making two with a third scrapped. Robyn Loau, […]

John ‘Johnny’ Farnham was one of Australia’s most popular singers from the late 1960’s until the mid 1970’s before he made a massive comeback and has been popular ever since.He was TV Week’s King of Pop from 1969 until he won his last one in 1973 but from 1975 to 1980 he released no new […]

From 1969 to 1984, Sherbet was one of Australia’s most popular bands. Sherbet was formed in 1969 and started releasing singles in 1970 with the first single being a cover of Badfinger’s ‘Crimson Ships’. 1971 saw the release of the EP ‘Can You Feel It Baby?’ with the title song making it on to the […]

Skyhooks, the legendary Australian band that some radio stations feared to play but the public loved to see and hear in a career that lasted on and off for three decades. They had massive hits around the country with songs like Living in the 70’s, You Just Like Me Cos I’m Good In Bed, Horror […]

On April 24 1971, Channel O (O as in Orange and now Channel Ten) launched a show called Young Talent Time. It’s host was Johnny Young, a popular Australian pop star and songwriter at the time who wrote the hit ‘The Real Thing’ which was sung by Russell Morris.  The stars were the Young Talent […]

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