NASCENT – Bohemian Driftwood

Written by on 26 October 2022

Radium Certified on the 8th October, 2022.

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‘Bohemian Driftwood’ is a party aftermath anthem. Nascent are touring with Simple Stone this spring through to summer. TOUR DATES:

Elequent compositional combinations, fashionable hook conventions, peculiarly distinct lexicons. Nascent has created one of those songs that’s so catchy in it’s complexity that it sounds like a really simple song. But a little bit of further investigation reveals an artists insatiable attention to instruments, elements and rhymthmic as well as melodic details. This song is truly a treat for the listener, courtesy of Newcastle’s latest indie artisans.

Now a Radium Certified single based on streams and downloads on Atomic, wwelcome to the nuclear Hall of Fame!

Artist Profile: NASCENT

Song: Bohemian Driftwood

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