Written by on 20 April 2022

Mariah K has released a new single that is stunning fans for it’s relatability. Taking a somber turn from her other recent releases, “Missing Piece” cuts into the reality of the heavy days that seemingly everyone is going through lately. The lyrics reminisce on easier days and as the official release says, “The ‘Missing Piece’ basically represents trying to keep yourself together without losing your mind.”

The song is short and sweet at only 2:38 minutes length, and yet seems able to perfectly summarize the strength available to each of us by acknowledging our hardships and dealing with them head on. “Whether you’re stuck inside with lockdown.. in Iso.. Or whatever it may be. It is all about trying to keep sane and not to forget who you are and that sometimes it is ok not be ok and that there will be a ‘brighter day’.” No doubt Mariah K has once again nailed the thoughts of many at this time.

“Missing Piece” achieved a No. 1 status in it’s very first week of release. The single held the top spot for two weeks before being supplanted by community efforts to raise Flood Relief for Queensland via Toby Mobbs appeal to purchase his single A Mark To Remember.

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