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We are excited to have a new member joining the Atomic management family! Introducing, Singer/Songwriter and Producer, Joel Sulman. Joel has a long history in the Australian music industry as a songwriter touring his music for many years and achieving multiple charting and play-listed tracks on multiple stations and platforms in his travels. Growing up […]

With the closer for Season One of theBAR Sessions coming up this weekend and the re-opening of venues. We had to have a discussion about what direction we want to take this new show going forward… What did we do? CONFIRM SEASON FREAKING TWO!!! Season 1 saw over 15,000 viewers connect to the 8 artists […]

Got some exciting infrastructure changes coming and need to do some critical works on our networks. You might see some of our sites, station and apps go down or become non-responsive in the process for a short period of time… Don’t stress! it will be all done by 6am and you can get back to […]

We figured we hide a lot behind the Atomic brand quite a bit and we thought we would put together some info on our team and introduce you so you can see the faces behind the team that makes all of this happen! So opening the set… Meet Kaitlyn Castro! Kaitlyn has been with us […]

You read this right and holy s&%t we are excited… The controversial radio show and magazine article that has caused a HUGE influx of response to its articles (and blowing out our inbox because of “that post”) is coming to Atomic for a weekly program to be aired on Atomic Radio! In early March 2020, […]

You read this right… Atomic TV has been hiding away quietly waiting for the right time to pop its sexy head and it’s come back with something HUGE for you to feast on! Partnering up with Albury’s Border Academy of Rock, Atomic TV brings you “TheBAR Sessions”… Now I know… We are a tad late […]

As of 22/04/2020 all audio artworks sold on the Atomic Stream.Space will automatically apply a benchmark pricing point of $2.50. This move reflects our belief in the inherent value of the artistic creations retailed on our site. The move will also ensure coverage of the transaction costs associated with selling items through PayPal settlements. Previously […]

Hey you, how ya doing? Hope you’re staying the f**k at home and all that jazz. With all this crazy stuff going on we know artists are doing it tough, which is why we pledged $20,000 to Australian artists though through our Covid 19 $20,000 Pledge. (To see what I’m talking about check out this […]

Australian’s have been hit hard by the global Corona Virus pandemic. Here at Atomic we announced the unfortunate news that due to the on-shocks of closures in our thriving live music industry, we’d be temporarily ceasing the production of our monthly print media magazine in Albury Wodonga. We still consider ourselves among the lucky few, […]

Starting out as an idea in the bedroom of Managing Director, Max Bruckmann’s house, Atomic has grown from strength to strength over the last 5 years with a strong focus on one simple thing…. Music. Atomic got serious in 2019 officially forming as the company ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd with a team of hard-working and […]

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