Atomic TV is BACK!

Written by on 22 April 2020

You read this right… Atomic TV has been hiding away quietly waiting for the right time to pop its sexy head and it’s come back with something HUGE for you to feast on!

Chris Miller!

Partnering up with Albury’s Border Academy of Rock, Atomic TV brings you “TheBAR Sessions”…

Now I know… We are a tad late to the streaming party BUT we have been sidetracked delivering a huge promotional give-away to help artists working on their own music. (See CoVID-19 Giveaway Article)

Now that is under our belt and humming along, we re-launched Atomic TV bringing you the best of our home town’s artists LIVE to your loungeroom, bedroom (even toilet if that is your thing).

Tullie Roberts

Kicking us off with our first session THIS FRIDAY, Atomic Hundred #1, 6 Week Countdown #1 achieving, Radium Award Winning VERY well known streamer, Chris Miller will be joining us in theBAR’s Jam Studio bringing you a set of his best LIVE to our socials!

Now this isn’t some iPhone, off you go type stream. We have setup a multi-angle, high quality audio and visual experience for you to watch and enjoy. Streaming directly to Atomic’s Facebook Page and then immortalised on our youTube Channel!


Every Friday and Saturday after this week, you will see another artist doing there thing!

Brought to you by Atomic TV

NOW we aren’t just doing this for nothing… An artist needs to get paid so we have opened up our PayPal “Tip Jar” and will be taking donations of which we will pass 100% onto whoever is playing SO whatever you tip, helps the artist directly!

Wait… But what about Social Distancing?

We have setup the studio so the artist will enter through a dedicated door, have access to a small green room, then head into the studio directly without interacting with any of the production crew. They will have to plug their own equipment into the desk and from another room, be given the countdown to start up 🙂

We consider the Artists safety our #1 priority! Also, we personally don’t want to get sick either 😉

So… Bring on Friday! 8pm on Atomic’s Socials. Brought to you by the Border Academy of Rock and Atomic TV… Chris Miller!

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